Polygeia: students shaping global health policy

A number of Wolfson students have been particularly busy in the last two years setting up a Global Health think tank - Polygeia: students shaping global health policy. Co-founded by Gabriel Lambert, a final-year graduate medical student, Polygeia launched last November with a successful conference showcasing the work they had been doing. 

Wolfson students have been instrumental in the organisation's success. Ana Bow-Bertrand, a recent English graduate, has edited a highly active blog and is currently heading up a project with Lepra, a charity that works with people suffering from Leprosy. Tessa Stewart, an affiliated medical student, edited a policy paper on drug affordability last year before moving on to manage the training of Polygeia's new researchers.

Polygeia is developing rapidly - this year it has undertaken nine projects from external commissioners, including writing a report on the Ebola crisis on behalf of the Africa All Party Parliamentary Group. It expanded to Oxford, Imperial and University College London and won a year in the Social Incubator East to help it develop into a fully fledged think tank. Their next conference is at the Cambridge Union on Saturday 14 November with tickets going on sale soon, see poster.

If any Wolfson alumni would like to support this budding venture, Polygeia are looking for people with a background in public health or business to offer their advice, or even join the board, as well as anyone interested in commissioning Polygeia to undertake research projects.

Profile on the Social Incubator East