Photo Exhibition showcases student research - Hogai Aryoubi

The current exhibition in the Gallery, Photos from the Field, was curated by student Hogai Aryoubi (PhD, Education) and features Wolfson postdoctoral students’ fieldwork. Here are photos from her research, Snapshots of Education in Conflict-Affected Kabul, Afghanistan.

Photo exhibition in Gallery

Photo 1: Kabul Education University of Rabbani, a well-known public university in Afghanistan. Hogai conducted the majority of her doctoral fieldwork here. Some of her family members graduated or are currently attending this university.

Kabul Education University

Photo 2: The Ministry of Education in Afghanistan has been repeatedly attacked and to prevent further bombing on the premises, the ministry has been secured by high walls, barbed wire, and several armed security personnel. 

Ministry of Education, Kabul

Photo 3: US military convoys are a common sight in Kabul. Hogai took this photo outside of the Ministry of Education in Kabul during her fieldwork commute. 

US military convoy in Afghanistan

Photo 4: Landscape of Kabul. The photo was taken by Tamim Azizi, a Kabul resident, as a part of a kickstarter project to have locals take photography of the capital. 

Kabul Afghanistan

Email:  Twitter: @hogaiaryoubi