iDiscover to Replace LibrarySearch

Starting today, September 20th, the University’s libraries are launching a new search system called iDiscover This new system searches books and articles (and other electronic resources), and replaces both LibrarySearch and LibrarySearch+. iDiscover has several benefits over the old system, and help for using is it is available at Unfortunately, if you have any saved lists in LibrarySearch, those will not import into iDiscover, so you will need to copy them into a document or spreadsheet, and then re-do the searches in iDiscover. The two systems will run in parallel until the morning of the 28th, and then LibrarySearch and LibrarySearch+ will be turned off permanently. (The very old catalogue, Newton, will continue to work until next summer, at which point it too will be taken offline.)

This is an exciting change that will bring several improvements over the old system. But, as always, do please let the Library know if we can answer any questions or offer any assistance.