Loan periods and limits

All members of Wolfson with a Lee Library account may borrow a maximum of 20 books at a time for the entire term during Full Term. Vacation Borrowing begins on the Monday of the last week of Full Term, when books can be issued until the Monday of the first week of the next Full Term.

Borrowing books

Books must be borrowed via the self-issue kiosk on the counter opposite the Librarian's office. Place your blue University Card under the scan line and then follow the instructions on screen. The title of the item and the due date will appear on the screen when an item is successfully borrowed.

Returning books

All books must be returned by the end of term. You can then re-borrow books you need for the next term once library staff have put the books back on the shelves. Please place all books through the slot into the returns box, which is built into the counter on your left as you enter the Reading Room. The box is cleared each weekday morning. Please do not take any books that have been borrowed back to the shelf yourself. We need to check them in for statistical purposes.

Renewing books

Books may not be renewed and all books must be returned at the end of term. You can then borrow the books you need for the next term after they have been returned to the shelves by library staff.

You will receive a courtesy notice by email up to 3 days before the item must be returned.

Placing holds and recalls

In the 'item availability' section of the catalogue record you can see not only the classmark of the book, but also whether it is on loan, and when it is due for return. If the book that you need is on loan, you might like to consider placing a hold or recall on it:

If you do not need it urgently, you may wish to place a hold, which means you will be notified when the books is returned to the Library, and it will be reserved for you on the shelf outside the Librarian's office for up to 4 days.

If you require the book before it is ordinarily due back, you can recall it, effectively reducing the original loan period to 5 days from the date of the recall. Again, you will be informed by email when the book has been returned, and it will be reserved for you for 4 days.

To place a hold or recall select 'check request options' next to the details of the Wolfson College copy in the list headed 'item availability'. You will then need to log in (using your University card barcode and your surname). Once logged in you can place a hold or recall as required.

Please remember that you can always suggest that library purchases another copy of a book. You can do so using this form.

Security system

The Library holdings are protected from unauthorized removal by a security system. The system works by detecting active alarm triggers in books as they pass between the antennae near the door. If a book has not been borrowed correctly, the alarm will sound and the camera positioned outside the door records the incident.

The alarm can cause disturbance to people working in the Library. In order to reduce the incidence of unnecessary alarms, please make every effort to borrow books correctly at the self-issue terminal.