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About the Lee Library


The Lee Seng Tee Library (Lee Library) is open to all current students, fellows and staff of Wolfson College, as well as Visiting Fellows and Scholars.

The building is open 24 hours a day all year with the exception of 25/26 December and 1 January (with early closing on 24 December and 31 December). Access to the main rooms is controlled by the University Card.

Library Staff

Left-Right: Frieda Midgley (Archivist), Laurence Smith (Library Assistant), Meg Westbury (Librarian), Laura Jeffrey (Information Skills Librarian).

The Librarian, Meg Westbury (@MegWestbury; LinkedIn), is available between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm on weekdays in term and vacation.

The Information Skills Librarian, Laura Jeffrey (@LauraJeffreyLib), is available in mornings and early afternoon, Mondays through Thursday, in the Sir David Williams Room (ground floor of the library).

The Library Assistant, Laurence Smith, is available on weekday mornings during Full Term, and at varied times during vacations.

The College Archivist, Frieda Midgley (@Frieda_M; LinkedIn) is available on Wednesdays and Thursdays on weekdays in term and vacation.

Please do not hesitate to call in during office hours if you want to ask any questions, or make any comments. Alternatively, contact us by email (library @ wolfson.cam.ac.uk) or by phone on 01223 (3)35965.

Rooms and Facilities

  • The Reading Room on the first floor houses the main book stock, and provides 35 study spaces at individual desks, including a number of popular window seats with views over Lee Court and the College gardens.
  • Further study space is available in the Sir David Williams Room (SDWR) on the ground floor. Both the Reading Room and SDWR are equipped with wi-fi access via UniofCam and eduroam.
  • There are drinking water and a coffee/tea machine in the basement of the library.
  • Toilets are in the basement of the library.
  • There is a lift linking all three floors of the building, which is accessed using your University ID. If you need regular access to the lift, please inform the Librarian or the IT Department, who will be able to arrange this for you.

Food and Drink

Cold food, such as sandwiches and yoghurt and drinks (hot and cold) are allowed in the Reading Room and Sir David Williams Room. Food and drink are explicitly not allowed in the computer room (Gordon Johnson Room). Please be considerate of other users and do not bring hot and/or messy food. And please make sure to clear up when you leave.


Current Visiting Fellows and Scholars of Wolfson College are welcome to use the Library facilities. Please call in during staffed hours (Monday-Friday, 8.45am-5.15pm) to register your card for borrowing purposes.

The Library is not normally open to non-Wolfson members. However, temporary access during staffed hours may be possible by prior arrangement to use material not held anywhere else in the University.

The Library During Easter Term

Demand for study space in college is heavy during Easter term. To make the most of college spaces, and in the spirit of Wolfson collegiality and respect, the following policy takes effect at the beginning of each Easter term:

  • If you leave the library for longer than an hour, you must clear your belongings to the table at the front of the library or to one of the lost-property shelves.
  • We will have pink slips to indicate that you are gone for just an hour. Please do not put false leaving times on the slips, as this creates stress and frustration for other students.
  • Library staff who notice belongings on a desk for longer than an hour may clear them to the table at the front (as can other waiting students).
  • If you use the library regularly, please choose a different desk each day, so as to increase options for everyone.

Poster/Flyer Policy

You may hang posters and fliers about scholarly events happening at Wolfson on library walls and doors, but you many only put up two for each event. Please use blue-tak or white-tak, not tape. Posters and fliers for non-Wolfson events or matters are not allowed. The Librarian reserves the right to take down any posters and fliers deemed inappropriate for the Library. Please email library@wolfson.cam.ac.uk with any questions.

Relationship to Other Libraries in Cambridge

We pride ourselves on providing an environment conducive to study and maintaining a book stock that is responsive to the needs of our students following taught courses. However, the Lee Library is not comprehensive, and is best used in conjunction with others in the large network of libraries in the University. We also welcome your suggestions for books to buy for the library. Curious how the library benefits College users? The Cambridge College Libraries Forum have developed this statement of purpose (PDF).

The Building and Its Benefactor

The Lee Seng Tee Library (Lee Library) was opened in 1994, a gift from Mr Lee Seng Tee of Singapore, a major benefactor of the College. It was designed by architects Brewer, Smith and Brewer, and particular objects of interest on each floor include: on the ground floor foyer a scale model of the armillary sphere on the roof of the Peking Observatory; in the basement a bookbinder's press with a distinctive triskelion lever, in use at a Cambridge bookbindery until 1982; and on the first floor, a bust of Tan Sri Dr Lee Kong Chian, father of the benefactor.

The Sir David Williams Room (SDWR) is a study space on the ground floor of the Library named in honour of the College's former President, the late Sir David Williams (Wolfson President, 1980-1993).

The Gordon Johnson Room (GJR), opposite the SDWR on the ground floor of the Library, houses the College's computers on the University MCS network. Dr Johnson was Wolfson President from 1993-2010. A small naming ceremony was held before Foundation Day Dinner on 26 June 2013.