face coverings

Statement on face coverings

It is vital that we all feel comfortable, confident and safe at Cambridge. We continually monitor the latest public health advice, and we take account of the science.

face coverings

Updated 3 August 2020

The University and College expect members of the Cambridge community to wear face coverings in any work or study setting, at a minimum, unless it is clear that social distancing can be maintained at all times, or someone has a medical exemption. Therefore, we should carry face coverings with us and wear them where asked to do so by College or University authorities or when it would be a courtesy to others.

In University buildings, we expect staff, students and visitors to wear a face covering where it is not possible to maintain social distancing of at least two metres.

In Colleges, since each one has different spaces and buildings, the specific rules may be stricter in some than others, but we will all follow these basic principles. Special arrangements will be in place in locations where face coverings are not required while keeping them as safe as possible. See also: guidance for when to use face coverings in University buildings.