Journal Articles by College Members

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In each issue of The Wolfson Review, we devote a number of pages to a section on ‘Books by College Members’ but for space reasons we have never included chapters contributed to edited volumes, nor any journal articles. Ignoring refereed journal contributions disadvantages College members in many science disciplines where publishing papers in journals has the highest priority, and writing monographs has become relatively rare.

As Editor, I hope that this web listing of journal articles will go some way toward remedying the situation even though it is not comprehensive. The papers included here have been notified to me but I would be more than happy to receive many more submissions for inclusion. My expectation is that the listing will become a dynamic one with regular updates so please feel free to submit further items to me. You will note that the citation styles are quite varied; I have not standardised them as this is how the various journals provide their citations. Whenever provided, I have also included a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) so that the online version of an article can be readily retrieved.

Conrad Guettler

Journal Articles at 1 November 2016