The University does not allow students to have cars in Cambridge. Parking is not available in University Departments or Colleges, including Wolfson, unless there is an attested medical condition, exceptional work requirements, or special compassionate grounds. Parking permission must be sought from your Tutor on a form available from the Tutorial Office or downloadable here

If you are an undergraduate student, a registered graduate student under the age of 24 or a student of clinical or veterinary medicine under the age of 24 (ie you do not have MA status), if you are given permission to keep a car at Wolfson, you will also be provided with a Motor Proctor's form, which you must take or send to the Motor Proctor's office to obtain a Licence. 

You can scan the form and required accompanying documentation (driving licence, vehicle registration document and certificate of insurance) and send it in the form of a pdf to

Alternatively, you can take the documentation in person to the Motor Proctor's Office which is open in Michaelmas Term on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1-3, and in Lent and Easter terms on Wednesdays from 1.30-3.

Your Wolfson parking permit will only be issued by the Porters on presentation of both the Wolfson form and the Motor Proctor's Licence (if required).

The College Car Park is home to a Zipcar, which you can use on a pay-as-you-go basis. By providing this alternative to traditional car ownership we hope to encourage more sustainable behaviour and provide a useful service.


All bicycles must be marked with a College registration number assigned at the Porters' Lodge. Racks are provided around the perimeter of the College and bicycles left there should always be locked. There is a designated area outside the front gate for visitors to park their bicycles and one of the bicycle sheds is reserved for staff bicycles. Students are asked not to park their bicycles in these spaces. If you do, you may find your bicycle is removed.

Bicycles are not allowed in the Front, East or West Courts, and must not be ridden or left in any of the other courts.

Emergency Taxi Scheme

If any student feels they have a need for the emergency use of a taxi, they should contact the Porters’ Lodge and ask the on-duty Porter to order a taxi.  The Porter will then request a means of identification from the student (see below).  Once identification is confirmed, the taxi will be ordered.   We will keep a record of such authorisations so that these may be checked against the taxi company’s invoices, which are submitted on a monthly basis.  Once invoices are confirmed, monies owed will be charged to the respective student’s College account. 

Means of identification will be as follows:

  • If requesting a taxi from another College Porters’ Lodge, the student must ask the Porter to telephone Wolfson College and then provide the Porter with a means of identification (e.g. University card) in order for their identification to be verified.
  • If the student is neither carrying identification nor  telephoning from another College/University, then the  Wolfson Porter will seek identification over the phone by asking the student to give their CRS-ID and accommodation address so it can be cross-referenced with Porters’ Lodge documentation.  Once confirmed, the taxi will be ordered.

Any misuse of the scheme will be rigorously investigated and could result in its withdrawal for all.