For Postgraduate Students


For postgraduate students teaching and supervision are the responsibility of the University Department in which the student is based. Departments are also responsible for the appointment of supervisors. The Degree Committee of the Faculty Board covering the Department in which a student is based is responsible for such matters as dates of submission, extensions of time, leave to work away, removal and reinstatement on the Register of Graduate Students. Matters relating to courses, supervisors etc should, therefore, be addressed to the designated person within the Department. If. however, you are having difficulties which are not being dealt with successfully by the Department you should come and see your Tutor for advice.

Postgraduate examinations and dissertations

Some postgraduate courses are one-year taught courses, e.g. LLM, Master of Mathematics/Master of Advanced Studies, PGCE. Masters' (MPhil) courses are one- or two-year courses which may contain both tuition and research and may be full-time or part-time; they involve examinations or continuous assessment and a dissertation. The PhD, a purely research course, takes at least three years, of which the first is probationary. There are no written examinations, but after the dissertation has been submitted and assessed the candidate is examined orally.

For postgraduate students any appeal relating to the examination for the Masters degree or the PhD has to be made through the Student Registry. In neither case can students appeal against the academic judgement of the examiners.

Regulations relating to postgraduate students

Graduate students need to be aware that there are very clear procedures to be followed in relation to residency, working away from Cambridge, the submission/deferral of theses etc. A comprehensive guide to these procedures is available here. Please ensure that the College is informed at all times of changes to your status or residency.