All students are required to matriculate in order to become a member of the University. 

This involves signing a formal declaration agreeing to abide by the Statutes and Ordinances of the University and College. Only by signing these documents does the student become recognised as a full member of the University and College.

The Praelector, Dr Brian Cox, is the Officer of the College whose responsibility it is to matriculate students by witnessing the signing of these documents. The process of matriculation is very informal. Following acknowledgement by the College Office that you have met your financial obligations to the College by paying your fees, you should then present yourself to the Praelector to sign the declaration.

A more formal admittance to the University and College is celebrated by a series of formal dinners, the Matriculation Dinners, two of which are held in October and one (for students admitted later in the academic year) during the Lent term. All new students are invited to attend one of these dinners: it is not necessary to have completed the formal matriculation process before attending a dinner.