Wolfson can offer accommodation to graduate students for three years of study (either a one-year Masters followed by any two years of a PhD; or any three years of a PhD). This is better provision than many Cambridge colleges can offer, and is a strength of Wolfson College.

Every attempt is made to allocate rooms in accordance with student requests, as far as availability permits. It is not normally possible to change rooms during the academic year, therefore requests to change rooms should only be made in exceptional circumstances, and with the support of your Tutor.

The College's family accommodation is extremely limited, and we cannot therefore guarantee to accommodate students with dependent children. Although we make every effort to provide accommodation for partners, we also cannot guarantee accommodation for students with partners.

Please see the detailed Guide to Student Accommodation.

Rents and Room Licences

Up-to-date rental levels for College accommodation are shown in the Guide to Student Accommodation. All College rents are fully inclusive (there is no separate charge for electricity, gas, water, computer network access, insurance, cleaning, and consumables such as toilet paper). There is no Kitchen Fixed Charge (KFC). It is important to take these factors into account when comparing accommodation costs with the private sector.

Application forms for accommodation are available in the Easter Term for rooms in the following academic year, for those wishing to renew their licence. Students who are working away and who will need accommodation on their return should email their request to accommodation @

Students must vacate their room at the end of their licence period. You will normally be expected to leave College completely no later than the end of the Term in which your degree result is confirmed.


Communal living brings with it responsibility. Students are expected to behave with consideration towards others, and not to create undue noise. This means being particularly careful not to disturb other residents by, for example, the playing of music or talking loudly in communal areas after 22:00. Music must not be audible in other students' rooms.

If you are affected by noise, please contact the Porters' Lodge in the first instance. If they establish that there is a disturbance, those responsible will be asked to stop. In the event of persistent disturbances, the Porter will refer the individual concerned to the Senior Tutor. Noise can cause enormous distress to those affected by it, and persistent offenders may find themselves in breach of their room licence and thus asked to find accommodation outside College.


Students are allowed to have guests overnight in their room, for no more than three consecutive nights, and up to a maximum of 10 nights in any one month. The Porters' Lodge must be informed See the section on Fire in Safety and Security. Spare rooms, if available, may be booked for guests.

Study rooms

There are a few small studies for the use of students living outside College. If you wish to enquire about the availability of such rooms, please email accommodation @


Please note that smoking is not permitted in any public or private room, corridor, kitchen, store, laundry, etc., or outside a doorway adjacent to a building.

Smoking is only permitted in three designated areas within the College grounds.


No pets are allowed in Wolfson; the only exception is Guide Dogs for the blind.


If you watch or record any live TV on any channel then you must have your own TV Licence. This includes downloading or watching BBC programmes on demand, including catch-up TV, on iPlayer. Checks are made from time to time by the licensing authority. Apply for (or renew) your TV Licence online.


Rooms are cleaned by College staff from Monday to Friday. Residents are responsible for making their bed, keeping their room tidy and doing their laundry.  There is a laundry with washers and driers for the use of residents. Residents may supply their own bed linen or purchase a bedding pack supplied by the College.  Further information about bed linen packs is available here.


Please look after your room and its equipment carefully. If repairs or replacements are needed, please inform the Maintenance department using the online Maintenance request form for which you will need your Raven password. All rooms have electrical sockets; if residents bring their own electrical equipment they should make sure it is safe-to-use by having it PAT-tested (if it is not new) before bringing it to College. Any damage to rooms must be paid for by the occupant(s). If damage to rooms or staircases is not traceable to individuals, then costs may be charged equally to all residents on that staircase.


The College recognises that many students fail to take out adequate insurance for their personal possessions. The College has, therefore, taken out an insurance policy on behalf of, and for the benefit of, those Wolfson students who rent a room in College. Details of the policy are given in Appendix C of the Guide to Student Accommodation. You should look at this carefully, and decide if the level of insurance cover is suitable for your needs. You have the option to to increase the level of cover on, for example, your laptop computer or bicycle.