Green Matters


News from the Carbon Reduction Committee                  

The UK government has set all universities quite stringent carbon reduction targets so as to make the nation comply with EU targets that have been agreed by all member states. In line with all departments and member institutions of the University of Cambridge, Wolfson College is required to have a policy for the reduction of its carbon emissions, and a strategy to achieve this.

The components of our strategy include making more efficient use of energy and water resources in all College plants and buildings, as well as encouraging a change in behaviour of all College members so that, for example, equipment and lights are switched off when not in use, water and materials use is reduced, and less waste is generated.

The Committee has been given a steering and monitoring role and has begun to compile a record of the College energy and water consumption and expenditure.

As part of various refurbishments and building upgrades, the following changes are worth noting:

  • installation of a Building Management System to control boilers in the Western Field Buildings (Blocks R, S, T, V, W)
  • reducing the boiler water temperature from 80 degrees to 70 degrees
  • installation of new motion-sensor lights in the Laundry
  • introduction of daylight LED lights in the corridors of Bredon House

These changes are designed to allow the boilers to operate more efficiently, saving gas, while modern lighting systems save electricity.  The College will gradually move over to using more efficient and energy-saving LED lights elsewhere, and is including a number of water-saving measures in the current refurbishment of public toilets in the main building.

This year will see other initiatives to increase the amount of waste that can be recycled.

A major project recently completed is the installation of solar photovoltaic panels on the roof of R Block to generate electricity and to reduce Wolfson’s carbon footprint.

The photos show the solar thermal panels that were installed on the roof of the main building in 2007 and the new LED lighting in Bredon House.