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Sports Awards

Cost shouldn't be part of the competition in sports. Wolfson provides small awards to help those in financial need to pursue their talents.

Rowing Team

Wolfson College Sports Awards

Wolfson College students may apply for Sports Awards once in each academic year.  You can complete the application form here by 5pm on 23 January 2023. 

Criteria for Award

  1. Applicants should be student members of Wolfson College and training or competing for the University in a sport for which a Blue or Half-Blue is awarded. 
  2. Funds are limited; priority will be given to applicants who have not previously received a Sports Bursary in the past. 
  3. As it is impossible for the selection committee to evaluate applicants’ financial circumstances accurately, these are not taken into account.  We assume that only students who are in genuine need of financial assistance to pursue their sport will apply for these bursaries.
  4. It is not possible to fully fund any one person’s expenses (except in cases of very small expenditure).
  5. Grants of up to £200 may be awarded to help cover entry and subscription fees and to contribute towards mandatory kit such as University team clothing, protective gear. Applicants should feel free to list costs associated with travel to competitions, but given the demand on limited funds, it may not be possible to support these.  Gym memberships, physiotherapy, food and housing will not normally be considered when making awards.

Hawks' Charitable Trust

The Hawks’ Charitable Trust provides awards to support students from all Colleges who are engaged in sport at the Varsity, national or international level.  We'd encourage all students who are competing for the University to apply for a Hawks’ award, the deadline for which is usually early in the Lent Term. Applications and information are available on their website.