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Mentoring Scheme

The Enterprise Mentoring Scheme connects startup teams with members of the WES network and Wolfson Alumni community.

Wolfson College Courtyard

We encourage all alumni and potential mentors interested in joining the WES network to contact us and potentially join the Enterprise 2023 network of experienced Judges and Mentors.

If you are interested in getting involved or staying informed about Wolfson Enterprise, please consider following us on social media or contacting us for further information.

Teams and mentors are welcome to use the WES social media groups as platforms for networking:

Facebook Group

LinkedIn Group


What's on

Image 'Barbarians under the rug' by Enej Gala

Art Exhibition: 'After News Before Bed'

24/02/2024 at 10.00

Visit Wolfson's latest exhibition 'After News Before Bed' featuring work by emerging artist Enej Gala, winner of the Wolfson Royal Academy Schools Graduate Prize.

Painting of people on a harbour in the 1820s

The Age of Revolutions in Southern Europe

27/02/2024 at 17.30

What is a revolution? What role did Southern Europe play in the history of modern politics?

Advert for writing poems

Creative Poetry Workshop

28/02/2024 at 19.00

‘Poetry is everywhere; it just needs editing’, James Tate

Paper faces of all different colours.

The Place of Islamophobia within Debates on Racism

29/02/2024 at 17.30

This event is the second of three roundtables that Wolfson's REACH Research Hub will be organising over the academic year under the heading ‘Hierarchies of Racism?’