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Wolfson Enterprise 2022

Wolfson Enterprise 2022 is a platform to bring alumni, students, investors and the broader Cambridge community together around exciting start-up opportunities at Wolfson. 

Competition Poster

What is Wolfson Enterprise?

This competition is an opportunity to design, pitch, and execute your startup idea in a supportive environment. Whether you are a postgraduate researcher thinking about commercializing and technology transfer, a first-year undergraduate interested in trying your hand at conceiving a business plan, or an alumnus currently involved in a more developed startup venture, we want to hear from you and help you take your project to the next level.

Finalists will gain the opportunity to present their pitches to the Wolfson Entrepreneurs Society (WES) network of expert speakers and judges, a group of eight highly experienced entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and executives from all over the world, representing a broad range of industries, professional backgrounds, and specialties.

Enterprise 2022 Final

The finals of this competition will take place on Thursday 28 April 2022. Free registration for this event is required via Eventbrite.

More information

Find out more about the details of the competition below. Please note that applications for the 2022 competition are now closed.

What's on

Professor Helle Porsdam

Humanities Society: Science as a Cultural Human Right

24/05/2022 at 17.45

Join Professor Helle Porsdam for an evening talk which focuses on the right to science – a little known but potentially powerful human right.

Ellie Bladon, PhD student in the Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge

Science Society: Parental care: an evolutionary case of “use it or lose it”

27/05/2022 at 17.45

Phenotypic plasticity enables animals to flexibly adjust their behaviour to their social environment – sometimes through the expression of adaptive traits that have not been exhibited for several generations. The ability to revive these ‘ghosts of adaptations past’ could prove beneficial for populations living in a changing world.

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Working on Your Dissertation

28/05/2022 at 10.00

This workshop will cover several aspects of formatting and proofreading a dissertation.

Kill or Cure poster

Art exhibition: 'Kill or Cure'

28/05/2022 at 10.00

Lethal or life-giving? Wolfson's exciting contemporary art exhibition explores the potential of animals, plants, and substances from the natural world to ‘Kill’ and/or ‘Cure’ (open to the public Saturday and Sundays, 10am - 5pm).

Daniel Phillips playing violin and Victor Wang playing Piano

Music Society Lunchtime Concert: Daniel Phillips & Victor Wang

28/05/2022 at 13.30

Join us live in the Lee Hall for an hour-long lunchtime concert of violin and piano, performed by Daniel Phillips and Victor Wang.