Wolfson Data Science Group

The Wolfson College Data Science Group was founded in May 2017 to connect students, researchers, and Fellows across disciplines with a shared interest in data science, analytics, and quantitative methods. With members drawn from all areas of data science, including statistics, mathematics, bioinformatics, machine learning, and software programming, we endeavor to provide peer-to-peer support, networking opportunities, and educational workshops.
The group is friendly and relaxed, welcoming participants from all disciplines who share an interest in data science. Our members currently has representation from such varied departments as engineering, epidemiology, linguistics, and plant sciences.

Every other Monday, we'll hear from someone about how they work with data, the techniques they use, and discuss! This will be an opportunity to learn from others, even from different disciplines, about how they use data science in their work.

Bring your own data
These sessions will happen on alternating Saturdays where you are invited to bring your own data to work in one of the Syndicate rooms and to ask for help from other members of the group. For doctoral students, it's also a good way to get work done in a low-pressure environment.