Tutorial Office Team in the KSJ

Tutorial Team

The Tutorial team handles many of the administrative aspects of student life at Wolfson, from admissions through to graduation.

Tutorial Office Team in the KSJ

Tutorial Services

The Tutorial team provide a variety of services to our students, primarily relating to academic affairs. Please visit the Support & Services page for the full list of provision available to Wolfson students.


Matriculation is the process by which you formally become a student of the University of Cambridge and Wolfson College. There are two parts to your matriculation, a University Matriculation, which entails completing an online form, and a College ceremony, which you attend in person.

The University Matriculation takes place online, and all students will be sent a link to the form in early October. College Matriculation takes place at an in-person ceremony in October, followed by a formal dinner in the dining hall. Students are expected to wear formal attire (business suits or equivalent) and a gown if they have one. The dates for matriculation ceremonies each year are listed on the getting started webpage.

Matriculation for many part-time MSt and MAcc students will take place in September, at the beginning of the course. These students will be invited to their given ceremony and dinner by email.

Keeping term

Full time undergraduate students must spend at least three terms resident in Cambridge in order to be eligible for their degree. For more information, please consult the terms of study information on the University website.


The Undergraduate Examinations Guide webpage contains useful information about the undergraduate examination period, from candidate numbers and ECFs to quiet study spaces in College and where to find more information.


Graduations in Cambridge take place in the Senate House and the receipt of your degree certificate. To receive your degree, you must register for a graduation ceremony through the College.


During the course of your studies you may find that you are unable to continue because of a health condition (physical or mental), disability-related issues, bereavement, financial reasons, or another serious reason.

In these circumstances, you can apply for permission to take time out of your studies, which is referred to as intermission.

Student status letters (banking, council tax, parking permits)

Students can request a letter from the College certifying their status for a variety of reasons, including Council Tax exemption, visa applications or to register with the GP. Please complete the following form to request a student status letter.

There is a separate form for proof of student status in order to set up a bank account.

In line with University policy, car parking permits will only be issued to those who meet the required criteria. To apply for a parking permit, please complete the car parking application form and return it to the Tutorial Office in Bredon House.


Tutorial Team

The Tutorial Team is led by the Senior Tutor, Dr Susan Larsen, and the Deputy Senior Tutor, Dr Tania Davies.

The Tutorial Office is located on the first floor of Bredon House, opposite the College's rear entrance. Office hours are 09.30-12.30 and 13.30-16.30, from Monday to Friday. Please note that it is recommended to send an email to the tutorial office staff in the first instance.

Tutorial Office Manager
Rajashree Dhanaraj

Tel: 01223 335905

Tutorial Administrator (Matriculations & Graduations)
Helen Waterson

Tel: 01223 335978

Undergraduate Administrator
James Wood

Tel: 01223 335919

Postgraduate Administrator (& part-time students)
Sam Langley

Tel: 01223 335932

David Goode

Tel: 01223 762537

Student Recruitment Officer
Caroline Banerjee

Tel: 01223 335053

You can also find a list of College Tutors and Directors of Studies on their respective webpages.