Man with bandage and thumbs up sign
Man with bandage and thumbs up sign

If you are injured on College property, the Porters can help you with first aid and will complete an accident form. There is a well-stocked first aid box at the Porters’ Lodge. Tel: 01223 335900.

Sports Injury

For early access to a physiotherapist for advice and self-management of a sports injury or joint/soft tissue problem, use the PhysioDirect telephone advice service: 0300 5550210, Monday-Friday 13.00-17.00. The physiotherapist will diagnose and prescribe exercises over the phone and appointments and follow-up are offered, if necessary. The call usually takes 10-15 minutes.

Alternatively, see the College Nurse for advice before accessing private physiotherapy.


If you have had a serious allergic reaction or have food allergies you should provide written information about them on your Health Form. In some cases, the College Nurse may wish to discuss your allergies before you arrival at College or else within the first 48 hours.

Upper Limb Disorder (ULD) (formerly Repetitive Strain Injury/RSI)

If you need help managing symptoms of ULD, please see the College Nurse.

Further sources of information and advice are available: