people discussing ideas at a table with a laptop on it

WolfWorks for New Undergraduates

This is a year-long programme aimed at fostering an effective transition to academic study at Cambridge.


people discussing ideas at a table with a laptop on it

All new undergraduates are invited to participate in workshops to discuss and develop academic skills in a supportive atmosphere. There’ll be lots of opportunities to share experiences and exchange tips with the group. The sessions aim to build community among your cohort and encourage you to work effectively and confidently within the Cambridge system.

Workshops will cover a range of academic and well-being topics. All activities will provide details of how to get further support, tailored to students’ personal and disciplinary requirements.

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Enrichment Grant

If you attend eight workshops during the year 2020/21 (four provided by Wolfson and four from elsewhere in the university) and complete reflective statements about what you learned from them, you can apply for an Enrichment Grant to fund academic-related activities, career development, or a new experience over the summer of 2021 (depending on the travel and access restrictions that are in place at that time).

What can I apply for?

Is there part of your course you want to follow up in more detail? Do you want to investigate something that could form the basis of a dissertation? Are you looking to develop your career prospects?

The grant could cover course fees (e.g. for learning coding or a language), registration for an online conference in your discipline, or accommodation costs whilst undertaking an independent research project. The activity may be externally organised or self-directed.

You should consider how the project will enrich you. For example:

  • Measurable e.g. get a certificate
  • Experience e.g. new perspective
  • Skill e.g. language
  • Attribute e.g. independence
  • Short term e.g. to enable you to do something else
  • Long term e.g. lasting impact

The funds must be spent on a project that will take place during the summer vacation of 2021. If the activity does not go ahead, you will not be able to claim for lost costs.

How much can I apply for?

Grants will be awarded for up to £400 for an activity (loosely) related to your course; up to £250 for a broadly educational activity. Think in detail about the logistics of your project. We ask for a breakdown of costs and you should consider how you will pay for anything not covered by the grant.

When must I apply?

The Enrichment Grant application form will be made available from 22 February 2021. The deadline for submission of reflective statements and the application form is Friday 23 April. The decision to award an Enrichment Grant will be the decision of the Enrichment Grant Selection Committee. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by mid-May 2021.

How do I apply?

Qualifying students must have undertaken eight training activities in academic skills, personal wellbeing, and/or career development and submitted a reflective statement for each on Moodle. At least four of the eight sessions should have been group workshops provided by Wolfson or equivalent training provider in the University. The remaining four sessions may be one-to-one sessions of support, or other forms of development such as reading a skills-based book, listening to podcasts, watching a series of videos, or even working through a LibGuide. This must have been to improve your academic skills, career development or wellbeing. 

When you have submitted the eight Reflective Statements, you can apply by filling in the Enrichment Grant application form. This form cannot be saved so you may wish to plan your application on paper first.

What can I not claim for?

The funding that the College makes available is intended to support individual students in undertaking their chosen activity, it is not intended to support any third party or organisation. As an example a student may be participating in a volunteer project – the award can be used towards the cost of travel or accommodation but not towards any fund-raising initiative associated with the venture. Therefore any financial support provided reflects the College’s commitment to the personal development of the student and does not indicate any support for the aims or activities of any organisation with whom the student may be associated.

You may not apply for subsistence costs e.g for food and drink.

Can I travel?

Financial awards will not be offered to students who intend to travel against the advice the British Government. This includes internal and foreign travel at the time of consideration of the application. You must provide evidence that travel is permitted at the point of application.

Even if travel is permitted when you submit your application, you are reminded that situations change. You must check with local, regional and national government advice before you travel (both the UK government and that of any other relevant country) at appropriate intervals prior to travel and should adhere to the advice provided there at all times. 

If advice changes, you must alter your plans and contact Laura Jeffrey to discuss an alternative project. We are not able to reimburse costs if a project is cancelled.

If you are traveling to a country in which some regions are designated high risk, you must stick to your plans to remain in areas not designated as high risk.

When do I receive the money?

Costs will be reimbursed upon production of receipts, report (see below) and a payment form (supplied when the recipient receives a letter notifying them of the award). However, if you need funds in order to make bookings, you may make a request to the Student Finance Officer to receive the award upfront.

All recipients of an Enrichment Grant will be required to write a summary of their activities for the college website, or use in other publications, and include a digital image to describe the experience. This must be submitted with receipts to receive your grant.

What if I need more money towards my project?

There are lots of funding opportunities to you available through the college.


What's on

WRE 2021

(Virtual) Wolfson Research Event 2021

28/04/2021 at 10.00

The 2021 Wolfson Research Event takes place from 28 April to 4 May. Browse through the schedule and register below.

Chaukidari  Enquiry Committee 1938-40

Humanities Society - The World of the Village Watchman in Colonial Eastern India

04/05/2021 at 18.00

The Humanities Society organises regular talks during term time. During Easter term 2021, all talks take place as zoom webinars, make sure to register.

Dr Nicola Rollock

Lee Lecture - The Rules of Racial Standing: Race and Racism in the Era of the Public Lynching of George Floyd

05/05/2021 at 18.00

This year's Lee Seng Tee Distinguished lecture will be given by Dr Nicola Rollock, Senior Adviser to the Vice-chancellor on Race & Higher Education.

Adeel Khan

Green Society - How to use the power of social media for good?

13/05/2021 at 18.00

The Green Society organises regular talks during term time. During Easter term 2021, all talks take place as zoom webinars, make sure to register.