WCSA Committee 2019-2020

Student Association (WCSA)

The Wolfson College Students' Association (WCSA) represents and supports all postgraduate, undergraduate, and part-time students in College business, social and sports activities.

WCSA Committee 2019-2020

The Wolfson College Students’ Association (WCSA) is Wolfson College’s combined Junior Combination Room (JCR) and Middle Combination Room (MCR). We fulfil three main roles:

  • We represent Wolfson students on College committees and in dealings with the College. Three members of WCSA (the President, the Vice President and the Junior Treasurer) are members ex officio of the College Council, which is the executive committee of the Governing Body. We also have representation on a number of other College Committees as outlined here.
  • We organise, provide, and facilitate events on behalf of Wolfson students and support student sports teams and societies. As an umbrella organization for all Wolfson student organizations, WCSA charges all students (full-time and part-time) a modest fee (£16.50 per year) which is used to support various student activities.
  • We offer support and advice to students in need. Members of our committee are happy to take time to offer advice and, when appropriate, can refer to assistance at the College and University. We also advocate for your needs so please get in touch if you notice something that can be improved to support College life.

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2022-2022 WCSA Committee

Position Officeholder Email
President Scott Dunleavy wcsa-president@wolfson.cam.ac.uk
Vice President Bridget Smith wcsa-vicepresident@wolfson.cam.ac.uk
Junior Treasurer Dan Scott wcsa-juniortreasurer@wolfson.cam.ac.uk
Secretary Rosie Michalik-Denny wcsa-secretary@wolfson.cam.ac.uk
Entertainment Officers

Cyrus Ho

Will Roose

Green & Campaigns Officer Sachi Shah wcsa-greenofficer@wolfson.cam.ac.uk
Sports & Societies Officer Scott Wilson wcsa-sports@wolfson.cam.ac.uk
External Officers Jure Zgubic wcsa-external@wolfson.cam.ac.uk
Welfare Officer

Aditi Chidambaram

Marti Gozzi


Saul Bailey

Phylix Huang

Disabilities Rep Hannah Glattfelder wcsa-disabilities@wolfson.cam.ac.uk
International Rep Abbernaa Kukananthan wcsa-international@wolfson.cam.ac.uk

Womens & Non-binary Reps

Monique Keane wcsa-women@wolfson.cam.ac.uk
Men & Non-binary Reps

Alex Lau

Benjamin Teall

BAME Rep Annoa Abekah-Mensah wcsa-bame@wolfson.cam.ac.uk
Part-time Students Rep Matt Barty wcsa-parttime@wolfson.cam.ac.uk
Off-site Students Rep Lily Bracken wcsa-offsite@wolfson.cam.ac.uk
Internal Officer - wcsa-internal@wolfson.cam.ac.uk
Punt Admiral Tom Unwin wcsa-puntadmiral@wolfson.cam.ac.uk

Representatives are appointed by WCSA Committee on the recommendation of the Welfare Officer and represent various minorities within the College.

In the photo: the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 WCSA Committees.

Back row, left to right : Wayne Weaver, Mathilde Foged Jensen, Andrei Prahoveanu, Scott Dunleavy, Bonni Jee

Middle row: Dan Sowood, Andrew Browne, An Tran, Sabrina Masur, Camille Mba, Margot Calmar

Front row: Kenneth Okwor, Jake Werth, David Izuogu, Paul Matthews, Charlie Barty-King