Students cooking at the barbecue in the Sundial garden

Self Catering

All our students have access to kitchens to prepare their own favourite dishes or to share with fellow students and College members, but events must be catered to by the College catering staff. 

Students cooking at the barbecue in the Sundial garden

Cooking in your Accommodation

Students are welcome to cook their own meals in their designated kitchens and you are welcome to eat with your fellow students and other College members, but we ask that you do not cook in your bedrooms.

When you have finished, please turn off the cooker and the kettle using the switches on the wall.


You may also book the Seminar Room and Combination Room for social events and parties. (Different arrangements are in place for booking the Club and Lee Rooms.)

In order to comply with health, hygiene and food safety regulations, food can only be served in any of these rooms in certain circumstances. If you cook or prepare food and then invite others (from within or from outside College) to eat it, this is considered to be ‘catering for an event’ and must be catered for by the College kitchens. You can make these arrangements through the Conference & Events Office. Please note that ‘outside caterers’ are not permitted in College.

You can, however, provide snack items for your guests, including  pre-packaged snacks, such as biscuits, crisps, nuts, cakes (without fresh cream) and other dried food items. These must be supplied in a pre-packaged state and served with their original packaging available (to ensure that all information on allergens contained in the foods is available to the consumer).

The barbecue in the Sundial Garden is available for students' use; check with the Porters to book it. You must provide your own coals and utensils.