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Failure to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines

The sanctions and scenarios listed below have been agreed by Deans of Discipline across the Collegiate University as a guide for all Colleges to follow. It should be read as an addendum to the College’s existing Rules of Behaviour.

Front entrance to college


Possible penalties/sanctions

Scenarios that would attract the requisite penalty/sanction

Band 1

  • Fine (up to £50)
  • Community service (up to a day)
  • Verbal or written warning
  • Letters of apology (for example to those affected or endangered)
  • Essay, including about infection control or other relevant topic
  • Crowding/a lack of social distancing between a medium to large group of students within a College or University building
  • A group of students meeting in another student’s room where the number of students is beyond the number permitted
  • A planned event intended to meet COVID restrictions but where the student continued to attend even once it became clear that restrictions could not be maintained


Band 2

  • Fine (over £50)
  • Community service (over a day)
  • Restricting access to particular areas or spaces within College (e.g. library, outdoor space)
  • Final warning

(other Band 1 sanctions can be included)

· A student being required to self-isolate but infringing the regulations (going to the dining hall, going into other students’ rooms, going to supervisions), when they have not received test results

· A planned event which purposefully breaches COVID-19 regulations for some reason (meeting at College, University or city location) – for example, unpermitted rave


Discipline Committee

Anything within the remit of the Discipline Committee

· Student coughing, spitting, heavy breathing over others for the purpose of implying they are attempting to give another person coronavirus






What's on


CANCELLED - Advent Carol Service

29/11/2020 at 19.00

A beautiful service for Advent with carols and readings led by our College Chaplains and the Choir. Sing along to Christmas carols and hymns from home.

Wolfson-ASEAN Emerging Researchers Hub

ASEAN Emerging Researchers Hub - Challenges in Global Development: Sustainability and Conservation

30/11/2020 at 09.30

The ASEAN Emerging Researchers Conference is collaborating with Wolfson College Cambridge for a series of virtual events (Zoom), known as ASEAN Emerging Researchers Hub.


The theme this year is Challenges in Global Development.

Man saying shhh!

Shut Up and Write

30/11/2020 at 09.45

Kick-start your week with a virtual Shut Up and Write session. These are quiet times to write in a distraction-free environment. Protect your writing time and maintain an online community with other Wolfson students. Think of it as your writing oasis!


Entrepreneurs' Society - Networking and team building for successful businesses and ventures

30/11/2020 at 18.00

The Wolfson Entrepreneurs' Society organises regular events engaging the interest and meeting the needs of all who aspire to create commercial start-ups but also to explore the related field of social entrepreneurship.

Women with mask

Global Health Hub - Beyond Health: The Extended Effects of Covid-19 on Our Society

30/11/2020 at 18.30

Covid-19 has had impacts far beyond our health. Join us for an informal and interactive discussion to explore just how Covid-19 has altered our world.