Chancellor's Centre with Wolfson shield


Chancellor's Centre with Wolfson shield

College Policies

Our policies offer guidance on issues such as bullying, making a formal complaint, or the abuse of drugs or alcohol; they are intended to set out clear procedures for these kind of situations. It is, happily, rare that these procedures need to be invoked.

There are several people In College who can talk through difficult issues with you, such as your Tutor, Director of Studies,  Supervisor, College Nurse or Head Porter as appropriate. There are also sources of support external to College such as the Cambridge University Student Union (CUSU) and the Graduate Union (GU).

The ‘Fitness to Study’ procedure, which has been adopted across the Colleges, addresses the situation where difficulties in study (or more broadly in a student’s life in College) have been caused by problems with physical or mental health; the primary aim of is to offer a clearly set out and supportive process for enabling students to get back on track, and ultimately succeed in their studies.