Image of a globe made from journal articles surrounded by neon signs

Visualise Your Bibliography

Image of a globe made from journal articles surrounded by neon signs

Visualise Your Bibliography is a competition open to all current Wolfson College members, across all disciplines and at any stage of research, to creatively display a bibliography from a thesis, dissertation, published work or other long-form project. The idea for the competition comes from a similar competition at Oregon State University. The winning entries from that competition include videos, graphics and poetry (as do the sample submissions).

Building a bibliography for a research project takes months or years, accreting slowly as work progresses. The bibliography shows expertise in a field of scholarly literature and is the figurative 'shoulders of giants' on which new scholarship rests. Students and researchers often feel great fondness for their bibliographies, with many of the works having lasting and transformative effects personally and academically. The end result of the research, however - i.e., the finished essay, paper, article, chapter or book - smooths over the work of building a bibliography as the findings take centre stage.

By participating, the Wolfson community (and beyond) gains insight into the richness of your research project, and you perhaps get to see your research, and the books and articles on which it is based, in a new light.

Rules and schedule of the competition

  • You must be a current Wolfson member (student, staff, Fellow, CRA, senior member, etc.).
  • You must visualise at least 20 resources from a bibliography for a personal research project, but there is no upper limit.
  • You can submit your visualisation in any medium you wish. Digital submissions are most welcome, but print, sculpture, drama, etc., are all fine. Entrants must also write no more than one page about the research project and the significance of the chosen works. This will be included with the display of the entry.
  • Entries are due by 13 March, 2020. Instructions for how to submit your entry are below.
  • Easter vacation: Judging of entries.
  • Easter term: Display of entries online, the Wolfson College Library and/or at the Wolfson Research Event.


The winners of the competition will be announced at the Wolfson Research Event on April 24th 2020. The top three winners will be invited to a formal hall dinner after the event on the 24th.

To Submit

Submissions are due by 13 March, 2020. Please submit by uploading your project here (password is CatDogMouse1 and is case sensitive). Please remember to upload both your submission and your one-page discussion of your bibliography. Details of the one-page document are in the rules above.


Please contact the college Librarian, Meg Westbury.

Digital Data Statement

We will retain all submissions for two years after the close of the competition. Your submission will be displayed on the Wolfson College website. Your submission may also be used for publicity purposes on the Wolfson College website, social media or in printed materials. Copies of the winning submission(s) will be transferred to the College Archive for long term preservation.

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