Reading the Odyssey like it's not a cliche

We want you to have the books you need for your course or your research — we buy many of our books based on students' recommendations.

Reading the Odyssey like it's not a cliche

Lee Library Collections

Academic holdings

The Lee Library's main collection, its academic holdings, is maintained to support Wolfson students reading for taught courses, primarily at undergraduate level, and to a lesser extent at taught post graduate level. We acquire books in accordance with the Lee Library Collection Development Policy (pdf).

In addition to titles selected from the Faculty and Departmental readings lists and/or recommended by Directors of Studies, many of the books we buy are in response to suggestions from students. Suggestions to support taught courses at undergraduate and masters (MPhil, LLM, etc.) level are given priority, but we also welcome suggestions from research students for titles with broad appeal.

You can submit a suggestion via the online form, or fill out a printed copy, available from the shelf outside the Librarian's office (leave completed forms in the wire tray). Please supply as many details as possible about the book you wish to recommend, and include your own contact details so that we can keep you informed of the progress of your suggestion.

We act on your suggestions as soon as possible, and in many cases a new book will be delivered within a week to a fortnight after ordering. However, please note that we cannot guarantee a fast turn-around for all books, so please try to plan ahead and recommend books in good time.

Recent accessions

New books are displayed on the shelf opposite the Librarian's office for a short period (typically between a week and a fortnight) before being shelved in the main sequence.


The Lee Library takes very few periodicals, since there is a vast periodical literature readily available across the span of libraries elsewhere in the University and/or online.

Academic serials

Our current subscriptions to academic serial publications in hard copy are in Law:

  • Cambridge Law Journal
  • Law Quarterly Review

General interest periodicals

College also subscribes to a number of general interest periodicals, which are displayed with the daily newspapers in the Karen Spärck Jones Room. Penultimate issues are transferred to the Periodicals display stand in the Library, either side of the bust of Tan Sri Dr Lee Kong Chian, and back issues are kept for up to one calendar year.

Please note that periodical parts may not be borrowed or otherwise removed from the Library, expect to be taken to the basement for photocopying, after which they should be returned immediately.


A large range of electronic journals is available via the University Library's e-journals portal. Start your search at ejournals@cambridge for full access to all subscription material, and for information on the date ranges available.

Other collections

Study skills section

A selection of titles covering a range of topics including reading and writing at university for the first time, returning to academic study after a career break, writing and publishing a research paper, and guidelines to completing a Ph.D. are available for loan from the shelves outside the Librarian's office.

If you have suggestions for additional topics or particular titles that you think would be useful, then please let us know.


A small collection of books on well-being topics has recently been created. These books have the classmark WB, and can be found on the shelves beneath the Study Skills section. We welcome suggestions for titles to augment this collection.

British Collection

We also have a comprehensive and up-to-date collection of books about British culture and travel. These are located across from the self-services terminal in the main reading room.

Contemporary fiction/Recreational reading

Thanks to the generosity of past and present members, there is a selection of contemporary novels and other recreational reading in the Lee Room, available for unlimited loan. There is no restriction on the number borrowed at any one time, but please do return them when you have finished, so that they can be enjoyed by others.