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Skills pathways - researchers

This page contains links to guides and media to help you at all stages of the research process.

close-up of book showing in-text references

The skills needs of researchers are complex and many will be developed in your department. However, those which relate to finding, managing, evaluating, creating and communicating information can be supported in college. The pages below give you an introduction to some of these skills, but do get in touch if you have any more questions.

Doing a literature search Researchers need to conduct extensive searches which demonstrate a thorough grasp of the literature in your specialism. This page gives you pointers for how to start and refine that process.
Managing references

With a thesis it is easy to lose track of what you have read. This makes it a very time-consuming process to find a quotation or page reference when you are writing up unless you make use of reference management software.

Copyright and plagiarism This page highlights your responsibility to avoid plagiarism but also gets you thinking about the copyright status of your own research.
Keeping up to date If you are conducting your research over many months, you don't want your literature search to go out of date. Look at this page to see how to set up email alerts to find out about the latest publications.
Developing a digital footprint This page helps you identify what is already on the web about you and helps you make sure it is up to date to reflect your current research.
Publishing your research Learn about Open Access, the publishing process including peer-review, and other, non-traditional, ways to promote your work.
Measuring the impact of your research This page introduces different types of metrics and how you can use them to measure the impact of your publications and research activity as well as that of others.
Research Data Management

All research produces data regardless of academic discipline through collection, observation or creation. Learn how to organise, store, and share it during the research process and beyond.

Finishing off your thesis Creating long documents requires additional word processing skills which you may not have needed before. This page shows you how to add page numbers to multiple sections, create a table of contents and figures, as well as suggesting where to get it bound when you've finished.


As well as these pages aimed at researchers, we have lots of other information about the skills you need to successfully complete your research such as time management, speed reading and note making on the Wolfson College LibGuide.