Student studying from a book in Wolfson Libary

Academic Skills Support

“I was very old-fashioned in searching for and assessing sources, and didn't like working online. Now I feel I have the tools to change my ways!"

Student studying from a book in Wolfson Libary

Wolfson College Library offers support to students and researchers to underpin your academic endeavour.

We offer skills guidance for all Wolfson students. This information is personalised when we meet one-to-one or in groups through WolfWorks workshops, but you can also access tips and tools for a whole host of generic academic skills online on the Wolfson College LibGuide.

To help you navigate through this information, we have created three pathways for different stages of study:

New students  - to help you search iDiscover for items on a reading list, reference your reading, avoid plagiarism, develop strategies to manage your time, take effective notes, deal with feedback, and become a critical reader and writer.
Dissertations and projects - to support you in searching databases and the wider academic web to discover relevant resources in your research field, keeping up to date with new research, using software to store your references and add them seamlessly into your written work, and creating a long document in Word.
Researchers - tips to conduct data and information management planning, develop an academic online presence, consider options about how and where to publish your research, assess the impact of scholarly publications and measure the impact of your work.

If you would like more information, you can schedule a one-to-one meeting (in person or online) using our online form or email us to arrange a convenient time.


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