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Payments & Fees FAQs

The Finance Office is happy to help with any enquiries about fees or payments.

Due to the current crisis the actual office is closedHowever, the Finance team are working and responding to queries. Please use this form to send us an email.

Alternatively, please email for undergraduate fee and accounts queries for postgraduate fee and accounts queries for Wolfson accommodation queries

Front gates on a sunny date with blue sky

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I settle my charges?

Every member has their own College Account. All the charges that occur and payments that you make to us during the year show on your College account. The charges will cover fees, accommodation and other items such as linen and Formal Hall dining. Please note that it is possible to have a credit balance in your College account; this will offset any costs that are charged to your account in the future.

Your College Account Code (D9XXXXX) is usually made up of D9 followed by your Wolfson College ID Number (WCID). So if your WCID is “11111” then your College Account Code is “D911111”. You can find your WCID in the confirmation email you receive from the Tutorial Office. (Some members may have an older version of the Account Code which starts with D followed by your name.)

How can I pay?

Our preferred method of payment for the University Composition Fee (UCF) is bank transfer, but we also accept Sterling (GBP) cheques.

A/C NO 00463811
SORT CODE  30-13-55
IBAN GB44 LOYD 3013 5500 4638 11

If paying by bank transfer, please include your name and College Account Code (DXXXXXX) as a reference to enable us to identify your payment correctly. 

If paying by cheque please make the cheque payable to 'Wolfson College'. You can drop this off at the Finance Office (where there is letter box for out-of-hours use), leave it for our attention at the Porters’ Lodge or post it to the main address of the College for the attention of (FAO) the Finance Office.

International students may choose any of the above methods of payment, or may prefer to pay via TransferMate to avoid international transfer charges and to get a good exchange rate.

Can I pay by card and which debit/credit cards do you accept?

We cannot accept credit card payments for the University Composition Fee (UCF). We do accept VISA and MasterCard payments for other costs, such as accommodation charges, Formal Hall, etc. We do not accept Diners Club or American Express. When paying by card please ensure the card used for payment is in your name. If you can’t get to the Finance Office you can pay by debit/credit card over the phone on +44 (0)1223 335915. We will need the card name, number, start and expiry dates and the security code at the back of the card.

You can also pay online via PayPal. Please enter the College Account Code (DXXXXXX) as shown on your statement in the box below to enable us to identify your payment correctly.

Account Code

When are fees and charges payable?

The University Composition Fee (UCF) is collected by the College. All UCF invoices are issued at the start of each academic year, during the first week of full term in October, and emailed to students.

  • If you are personally liable for your college fees, full payment must be made within two weeks from the start of your first full term. Please note that failure to pay in due time may result in your not being permitted to continue your studies or receive your degree.
  • If you are funded by the Student Loans Company (SLC) you will need to provide the most recent copy of your Student Finance paperwork by email to the Finance Office.
  • If your fees are being paid by a sponsor (including the University) you will need to provide evidence of your funding. Please email a copy to Ms Birgit Lintner (for all Undergraduate degrees) or Ms Katerina Gargaroni (for all Postgraduate degrees).

I plan to take out a Student Finance England (SFE) Postgraduate Loan in order to pay my fees. Does the College accept this?

Our fees policy is for students to pay all academic fees in full at the beginning of the course. However, if you are going to be taking out an SFE postgraduate loan then your academic fees will be paid in installments. We can accommodate such an arrangement under the following conditions:

  1. that your loan application has been approved before your course starts and that the first installment towards your fees is ready to be paid to us within the first month of your course
  2. that you provide us with the relevant paperwork that shows the amount you are borrowing and the payment dates of the loan installments
  3. that at least one-third of your University Composition Fee (UCF) is covered in each of the Michaelmas, Lent and Easter terms

We will need a minimum of one-third of the total UCF within one month from the start of the academic year, along with the first term’s accommodation payment if living in College.

Please send all the relevant loan paperwork to Ms Katerina Gargaroni at the Finance Office. Once you are in College please contact her so the amount and timing of the termly instalments can be agreed.

What if I am sponsored/I have a scholarship/I have a part scholarship?

  • If you have a fees scholarship from within the University of Cambridge (Departments, Trusts, etc.) you will need to provide evidence of this by email to the Finance Office. Please email a copy to Ms Birgit Lintner (for all Undergraduate degrees) or Ms Katerina Gargaroni (for all Postgraduate degrees).  In this case, your course fees invoice will be issued to your sponsor directly. You will be expected to pay any additional charges due (such as the termly accommodation charge or any remaining course fees) at the beginning of Michaelmas Term.
  • If you have a scholarship from outside the University (international agency, foreign governments, individual, etc.) the invoice will still be issued in your name. This means you will be personally responsible for forwarding the invoice to your sponsor and making sure that payment comes through in time. Please forward your fees invoice to your sponsor directly.

Can you issue my accommodation invoice directly to my sponsor?

Your accommodation invoice will be ready for you after you have arrived at Wolfson but it will be issued in your name as the Accommodation Office cannot issue individual invoices to third parties.

I would like to pay for my accommodation before I arrive. Can I do that and how much is it?

We cannot give you an exact amount for your rent before you arrive at Wolfson, but you can estimate your termly rent costs based on your Accommodation Licence, which you will receive by the end of August. You can also refer to the Guide to Accommodation for weekly rent costs.

How do I pay for my accommodation?

You must pay your accommodation charges termly in advance. This means that in October you are invoiced for October, November and December rent costs and payment is expected in full. If preferable, you can pay for the whole of the tenancy period at the beginning of the academic year.

Accommodation Invoices should be paid within 14 days unless otherwise agreed in writing. If payment is not made within 14 days interest will be charged at the Bank of England’s base rate +3%. Any debts still outstanding after 28 days will be referred to the Senior Tutor.

How do I pay for my meals in the dining hall?

Wolfson operates a cashless system to pay for meals in the College dining hall, which only accepts credit cards or cashless payments: no cash! In order to make cashless payments, you will need to top up your UPay account in advance. All members have an account on the UPay system; your University ID card will be linked with your UPay account before you arrive. Once you have your Raven ID you can access your account following the instructions provided here:

Recognising that some students may not yet have a debit or credit card, the College has programmed your University card with a temporary overdraft that you may use to purchase food (up to a maximum of £150) until the Division of Term (09 November). After this date any amounts charged against the overdraft will be transferred to your College Account and you will need to pay them off as soon as possible.

My University self-service account includes amounts for 'Additional fees/costs' and 'Student Maintenance'. How are these worked out and where should I pay them?

These figures are only estimates of the minimum amount required to cover accommodation, food, travel, books, leisure, etc each academic year.

Please do not transfer money for your estimated maintenance costs to Wolfson College. Usually, international students open a bank account once they are in the UK which allows them to transfer in personal funds and access them when needed.

I will be undertaking a pre-course that starts during September, how does that affect my fees?

You must ask your Department or Faculty about the cost of your pre-course and how that can be paid directly to them. We do not charge or receive payments for pre-courses.

I will be studying for an MBA, MFin, MAcc or MSt course, where do I pay my fees?

You will pay your all course fees to your Department.

I will be receiving US student loans during my studies, what do I need to do?

You can find detailed advice regarding US student loans on the University of Cambridge website here.

Your loan instalments will be paid directly to the College. If there is maintenance to be paid out to you this must be through bank transfer to a UK bank account. This means that you will need to have a bank account in the UK in order to receive your maintenance. Please ask the Tutorial Office for help on how to set up a bank account as soon as you start your course.

Please bear in mind that these loans are made out in US Dollars and, therefore, the amount received in GB Sterling is subject to fluctuations of the exchange rate. The College is not responsible for shortfalls in funding due to this, and students should bear this in mind when estimating their course and maintenance costs.

As it is not certain when exactly the first payment will be received, please make sure you have sufficient maintenance funds for the beginning of your course as no advances can be made.

Please contact Ms Katerina Gargaroni at the Finance Office (Tel: 01223 335915) for any queries regarding the disbursement of your US student loan.

The Student Registry deals with the US loans scheme administration and your contact there is:
Ms Jane Armitage
Student Loans Administrator
4 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RZ

Tel: +44 (0) 1223 337971

Where is the Finance Office (also known as the College Office) and when is it open?

Due to the ongoing Covid 19 crisis our counter service is temporarily suspended. Appointments can be arranged by email if necessary. 

Once we reopen you will be able to find our office on the ground floor of Bredon House, near the Selwyn Gardens entrance to the College.