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Current Funding Opportunities

Explore the many amazing opportunities below to support travel, research and special projects!  

Travel & Research Awards, Vacation Project Awards and Grants for Language Study are open.

Next deadlines for the Travel & Research Awards and Vacation Project Awards are 14 November for projects in Michaelmas Vacation 2022, 23 January and 20 February 2023 for projects in Easter Vacation 2023 and 1 May and 12 June for projects in the Summer Vacation 2023.



Burke's peerage recipient in CombinationRoom

The generosity of Wolfson alumni and other friends of the College makes the following awards possible.  Most are open to both undergraduates and postgraduates.  Explore the possibilities and apply now!

Wolfson College Travel & Research Awards

The College offers financial support to undergraduate and postgraduate students for expenses directly related to their course or research projects. Undergraduates and MPhil students should apply by 17.00 on 23 January for research or travel to be undertaken in March and April, and by 1 May for projects to be undertaken between May and October. Applications from PhD students will be considered for travel/research at any time, but they will only be assessed by committee on the dates advertised for the Student Finance Committee (application deadlines are currently 14 November, 23 January, 20 February, 1 May, 11 June). Only students who will still be enrolled as a student at Wolfson College in 2023/2024 are eligible for travel & research funding over the Long Vacation (June-September). Details and application information available here.

Wolfson College Vacation Project  Awards

The College makes up to 10 awards each year of up to £400 to support undergraduates and postgraduates to undertake activities that are broadly educational, but not specifically related to a student's course or degree project. Vacation projects might involve charitable work, language courses, unpaid internships or other, similarly educational activities. Applications must be submitted by 17.00 on 23 January for projects to be undertaken in March and April, and by 1 May for projects to be undertaken between May and October.  Only students who will still be enrolled as a student at Wolfson College in 2023/2024 are eligible for support over the Long Vacation (June-September).  A student may receive up to a total of £400 for vacation projects during the course of their studies at Wolfson. They may request this amount to fund a single project or apply for smaller amounts to fund several projects during their course of study. Preference will be given to first-time Vacation Project Award applicants. Details and application information available here.

Wolfson College Sports Awards

Applications for Sports Grants are open and will close on 00:00 on 11 June.  Grants of up to £200 are awarded to students who are competing  in Blue or Half-Blue Varsity Sports. Application information and forms available here.


Wolfson College Grants for Language Study

As part of its commitment to fostering cross-cultural collaboration and communication across borders, Wolfson College will be offering part-cost awards to support students–both undergraduate and postgraduate– who are pursuing the study of a language other than English through the Cambridge University Language Programme (CULP).  CULP offers weekly or bi-weekly classes in over a dozen languages throughout the year.  Most courses run from Michaelmas to Lent, but there are intensive course offerings in Easter and sometimes in the summer. The College will reimburse 50% of the cost of any course offered through CULP once a student has successfully completed the course.

How it works:

  • Students register and pay for the course of their choice, then attend weekly classes, complete assignments and sit exams as required.
  • After successfully completing the course, students submit the completion certificate and breakdown of marks to the Student Finance Officer together with a proof of payment (studentfinance@wolfson.cam.ac.uk).
  • A payment for 50% of the total course cost, (or the difference between the total cost of the course and any funding the student secures from another funder, whichever is less) will then be credited to the student's College account. 
  • Apply as soon as possible after completing the course, or within 30 days of receiving your marks.

Important notes:

  • Full-time students may apply for only one Language Study Grant per academic year. 
  • Part-time students may also apply for support, but their awards will be pro-rated in relation to the length of their course, i.e. one grant per two years.
  • 'Attendance-only' courses (eg 'Conversation Hours') are not eligible for support through this programme.
  • No awards will be offered to students who enrol in a course but do not complete it to a passing standard.
  • CULP also offers courses free-of-charge for specific academic purposes or subjects (i.e. medicine, natural sciences, music).  Information available here.


What's on

'You' by Gavin Fry

Art Exhibition: 'Things Put Differently'

03/06/2023 at 10.00

Visit Wolfson's latest exhibition 'Things Put Differently' featuring Gavin Fry and works by Anthony Green and Mary Cozens-Walker.

Photo of artist Gurpran Rau holding a piece of her artwork

Art Exhibition: 'Patterns of Renewal'

03/06/2023 at 10.00

We're delighted to be the first to display Gurpran Rau's latest exhibition 'Patterns of Renewal', featuring a series of paintings created during lockdown inspired by her walks in the woods of Cambridgeshire.

A poster for the publicity of the event Solutions to Plastic Pollution. The event details are shown on a blue-ash green background in both white and black text. To the right is an image of a plastic water bottle and a recycling sign on the front of it.

Solutions to Plastic Pollution

05/06/2023 at 17.00

Join us on the 50th World Environment Day for an engaging panel discussion and keynote speech on solutions to plastic pollution.

Inger Mewburn

Kicking the can down the road: How to create research impact in seven (not so easy) steps

06/06/2023 at 17.30

We hear terms like ‘research impact’ and ‘engagement’ all the time, but what does ‘impact’ and ‘engagement’ actually look like in practice?