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Residential accommodation at Wolfson is currently organised into 'households'. Here you’ll find all the information you need about what households are, how to form a single-person household, support bubbles, and our visitor policy during COVID-19. 

WCSA committee

Updated 5 February 2021

Multi-person residential households

Each multi-person 'household' shares a kitchen, bathroom and/or toilet. 

As a household, you can: 

  • Cook and eat together in your shared kitchen without social distancing and face coverings.
  • Meet in each other’s bedrooms without the need for social distancing.

However, you must:

  • Wear a face covering in communal areas and practise social distancing in all social interactions outside your household.
  • Observe COVID-19 hygiene regulations within shared spaces in your household (e.g. cleaning kitchen before and after use).
  • Wear face coverings in the corridors where you might meet people who are not in your household.
  • Not form a ‘support bubble’ with another household.

If you share facilities with someone who has opted out of the household, you should accommodate their needs and enable them to maintain a social distance within all shared spaces.

Forming a single-person household 

Currently, we will only permit members of those households that have consistently participated in testing to opt out of their multi-person household and form a ‘single-person household’ within the larger residential unit. You will be notified by email if you are eligible to form a single-person household.

However, you must consider the pros and cons of doing so carefully and be mindful of the risks of isolation. Please ensure you stay in touch with friends and family, if only virtually. If you do not have a supportive network, we urge you to reconsider opting out.

You should report any changes to your household status — whether opting out or opting back in— to covid-support@wolfson.cam.ac.uk. It's really important that we hold accurate records so that we can provide the right support if someone in your residential block tests positive for COVID-19.

To form a single-person household, you must:

  • Participate in the weekly asymptomatic testing programme for the remainder of the term.
  • Complete the online opt out form once you have spent 10 days living as a ‘single-person household’.  
  • Practise social distancing from residents who share facilities with you at all times. 
  • Observe a 2-metre distance and wear a face covering in all shared areas in your accommodation and around College, as well as all indoor spaces in College (with the exception of your bedroom and while actively eating or drinking in the Dining Hall or Café)
  • Notify the Covid Student Support Assistant [email] at once if you decide to rejoin your household.

If you have followed these guidelines for at least 10 days, you will not be required to self-isolate if a member of your former household is diagnosed with COVID. However, you may be required to stop sharing facilities while they are self-isolating.

You may be in a support bubble with one other household (e.g. your family, partner, or another single-person household in College).

Support Bubbles

Government guidance on meeting people from outside your household allows, in theory, for a person living in a single-person household to form a ‘support bubble’ with a second household that enables closer contact between individuals without social distancing.

In the interests of safety and equity to all members of a shared College household, students living in a multi-person household may not form support bubbles in this way. To do so might be unfair or lead to undue pressure on other members of a shared household since a support bubble may contain only two households in total. All members of both households in the social bubble must isolate for 10 days if any member of either household becomes symptomatic.

  • If you have opted out of your household, but have a friend who is also in a single household in College, then your two single households may form a support bubble.
  • Support bubbles that consist of two single-person households in College accommodation may meet in their own bedrooms, but they may not use the shared kitchens or, unless absolutely necessary, shared bathroom facilities in one another’s blocks.  
  • Support bubbles of this kind may meet in communal spaces and College grounds, but – like multi-person households—must wear face coverings and observe a 2-metre social distance while there. 
  • Support bubbles that consist of 2 single-person households in College accommodation may also—like multi-person households—reserve a study space in the Chancellor’s Centre, the Small TV Room or the Lee Room for their exclusive use and may work or socialise there without wearing a face covering or maintaining social distance.
  • A single-person College household may form a support bubble with a non-College household of any size, provided they meet eligibility guidelines, but that support bubble may only meet off-site as long as the national lockdown is in force.  
  • Only current College residents are permitted to enter College residential blocks while current restrictions are in force. This is in line with the College policy against any outside visitors at this time.
  • No person may be in more than one support bubble.  If you wish to change your support bubble, you must treat your previous bubble as a separate household for at least 10 days before forming a new bubble.


Normal College rules as stipulated in your Accommodation Contract for overnight visitors will still apply.

“Guests: You are allowed occasional overnight guests. No guest can stay for more than three nights in any seven and you cannot have guests for more than ten nights in any month. For Fire Safety reasons, all overnight guests must be registered at the Porters’ Lodge.”