porter's lodge with visitors

COVID: Visitors to College

The Wolfson College site will remain closed to the public; no visitors who are not Wolfson members will be permitted, with some exceptions.

porter's lodge with visitors

Updated 25 February 2021

Access to College

The site is open to:

  • All current Wolfson students, both resident and non-resident
  • Wolfson College staff
  • Governing Body Fellows
  • Visitors coming in for educational purposes (Directors of Studies, Supervisors, students attending supervisions)
  • Visitors / contractors coming in by invitation on College business

The College is closed to all other College members and to the general public

Registration of attendance

For the protection of all Wolfson residents and members, and to assist with the NHS Test and Trace programme, the College will keep a temporary record of all resident and non-resident members who attend the Coffee Bar, the Cafeteria or an event in College. Registration forms will be available in the Porters’ Lodge, the Coffee Bar, the Cafeteria and at all events. You will only need to fill in the registration form if you are not paying for food or drink with your University card. All personal data provided will be kept in accordance with data protection laws for a maximum of 21 days. 

Contractors carrying out work in College are required to register at the Porters’ Lodge.


The gardens are open for fresh air and exercise. Masks do not beed to be worn outside, but you must maintain social distancing. 

Please note that the garden area behind the Chancellor's Centre is for those who are in travel quarantine only.