COID-19 test tube

COVID-19 Testing

There are two types of testing available through the University: Symptomatic testing is available for any student who has symptoms of COVID-19 (see below). Asymptomatic testing for resident students takes place each Wednesday. Non-resident students may now also register for asymptomatic testing.

COID-19 test tube

Updated 25 February 2021

If you have symptoms of COVID-19

If you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • High temperature - a feeling of feverishness, or a measured temperature of over 37.8°C
  • New cough - a new intermittent or persistent cough, or worsening of your usual cough (if you have one)
  • A loss or change in your sense of taste or smell - particularly in the absence of nasal congestion

You must follow these steps:

1. Self-isolate and do not leave your accommodation except to get tested.

2. Inform the College that you are self-isolating by ringing the Porters' Lodge (whether you are living on-site or in private accommodation) at 01223 335900.

3. Notify your household that they will need to isolate until you have been tested.

4. Take a test either through the University Testing Process or an NHS approved test. Watch this video to see what it is like to get a test.

5. Complete the University’s COVID-19 monitoring form.

6. Read the support and guidance materials sent to you by the University COVID-19 helpdesk.

7.  If an undergraduate, notify your DoS to arrange access to remote teaching and learning. Postgraduates should contact their Course Director or PhD supervisor.

8. If you will miss any in-person teaching, let your department and supervisor know that you are self-isolating.

If you have minor symptoms

As of 22nd January 2021, you can request a test from the University if you display the following minor symptoms: 

1. A sore throat

2. Nasal discharge or congestion

3. Muscle aches

4. New hoarseness

5. New shortness of breath

6. A new wheeze

If you have any of the above minor symptoms, you do not need to self-isolate, but can request a test at one of the dedicated University testing pods.  


Your University test results will be available within 24 hours via ‘MyChart’, a web-based application that enables access to results from your Addenbrooke’s electronic record. If your test is positive, you will be called by the Addenbrooke’s Hospital Occupational Health.

If you take the NHS test you will get a text or email when your result is ready. Most people get their test results the day after taking the test.

If your test is negative
If your test is positive
1. Let the College know your result. 1. Let the College know your result (even if you do not live in college accommodation).
2. Update your test results on the University’s COVID-19 monitoring form. 2. You must self-isolate for 10 days.
3. Inform your household members they can stop self-isolating unless you have been advised otherwise.  3. Inform your household members they must self-isolate for 10 days.
If you have any queries about this process please contact the University COVID-19 helpdesk. 4. Update your test results on the University’s COVID-19 monitoring form.
  5. Provide contact details on the University’s COVID-19 monitoring form in order to initiate track and tracing.
  6. Read the additional support and guidance materials sent to you by the COVID-19 helpdesk.
  7. Follow the advice given by the NHS Test and Trace Service and provide them with details of your recent close contacts. 

If you have concerns about your symptoms please contact the College Nurse, your GP or NHS 111 (out of office hours) for advice.

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