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Coronavirus: Information for self-isolation

Here's the key information you need to know about what self-isolation is, when and why you should self-isolate, and what support is available to you from the College.  

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Updated 29 April 2021

The current NHS guidance is to self-isolate if:

In all cases please identify yourself as soon as possible to the Porters (01223 335900) and complete the University COVID-19 online monitoring form so that important information can be disseminated to those who need to know in College.

What is self-isolation?

Self-isolation means you must not leave your household for any reason (your designated garden is considered part of your household). You must not have visitors to your household and you must not leave your household to exercise. You must not go out to get food or medicine, but should ask someone to collect it for you. An area of the college grounds is assigned to self-isolating students as a designated garden for exclusive use. 

What support does the College offer?

Wolfson QSupport Service can provide you with support whilst you are in self-isolation. QSupport is run by Wolfson students who are available to answer questions and assist with essential errands while you are in self-isolation. 

Email them at QSupport@wolfson.cam.ac.uk.

Self-Isolation Food Delivery Service  

During periods of self-isolation, students can order food online from the cafeteria, which is delivered to their corridor. If you have to self-isolate, you will receive more information about how the service works.

It is also possible to have food ordered to the College (dropped off at the flag pole), which can be collected by another member of the College, and delivered to the self-isolating student’s corridor. Again, more detailed information about this is provided to students in self-isolation.

Pastoral and wellbeing support for self-isolating students 

Support from the College 

Wolfson is committed to maintaining its extensive resources of peer group and pastoral support through the WCSA Welfare Officers, the College Nurse, College Counsellor and Tutors.  We encourage all students to remain in close and frequent contact with their Tutor, friends and family by phone and social media.

Please also remember that the Porters’ Lodge remains open 24 hours a day if you need help: 01223 335900.

Contact your Tutor, the College Nurse, the Porters, or someone else in College know if you are feeling lonely, anxious or isolated. 

Support from the University 

The University’s core support services are the University Counselling Service and the Disability Resource Centre. Do make use of these services, if needed. Extensive advice regarding online support and other sources of information is also available on the University’s wellbeing website.

Call NHS 111 and select option 2 if you (or someone you know) are in crisis and need mental health care, help and support. 

Library Support

The library at Wolfson can help self-isolating students in a number of ways. They can send PDFs, or deliver books to students living in College accommodation. All students, including those in self-isolation, are welcome to suggest that the library purchase specific books.

They also run academic skills sessions, online study groups such as Shut up and Write, and can even lend out jigsaws! If you have any questions, please get in touch with the library.


If you have any other questions regarding self-isolation, or need any advice about how to seek support, please contact the Covid Student Support Assistant.