Text saying #COP26atWolfson 18-24 Oct, with the daily themes, with logos of Wolfson College and S&C Hub

COP26 at Wolfson

COP26 at Wolfson - green week of activities 18-24 Oct


1) How can we make sustainability fair and equitable for all?
2) What is the role of corporate vs government vs personal responsibility?
3) What is the role of adaption and mitigation?
4) How do we limit temperature rise to 1.5 degrees?

To access any livestream (from Lee Hall): youtube.com/user/WolfsonCollegeCam

All Week

Wolfson Biodiversity Study Photo Competition 18-24 Oct submit online Green Society
Item&Food donate'n'take 18-24 Oct Club Room Green Society

Mon 18 Oct 2021 - Culture

The Climate Therapy Listening Bench 12:00-14:00 Betty Wu Garden (bench) The Cambridge Climate Therapists
Launching COP26 at Wolfson: Arts & Media Exhibition 14:00-15:00 Chancellor's Centre, Foyer S&C Hub
Wikipedia Workshop: Expanding Access to Climate Knowledge 15:00-16:00 Lee Hall Wikimedia Foundation
The Poetry of Climate Change 1990-2021: The EcoPoets  17:30-18:30 Club Room Jonathan Louth
Culture-Day Chats: Organic Wine Tasting 20:00-22:00 Fuchs House WCSA Ents + S&C Hub

Tues 19 Oct 2021 - Technology & Nature-based solutions

Planned Obsolescence: Controlling the Small Stuff
> watch the live-recorded event here
12:00-12:45 Lee Hall/online Jonathan Louth
Sustainability services: the most important ecosystem no one knows about
> watch the live-recorded event here
13:00-13:30 Lee Hall/online Josh Matthews
Cambridge Resilience Webs: a free resource
>Zoom join here
13:30-14:00 online (Zoom) Charlie Barty-King
Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds: Sustainable Guitars via STEM 14:15-15:00 online (Zoom) Dr. Fernando Bravo
Composting 101 15:00-16:00 Club Room Green Society
Green Talk: The Wolfson Gardens & Well-being
> watch the live-recorded event here
17:00-18:00 Lee Hall/online Oscar + Millie
End Game: The Sustainability Escape Room 18:30-19:30 Lee Room Sachi Shah
Daily Round Up: Refreshments in the Club Room 20:00-22:00 Club Room S&C Hub

Wed 20 Oct 2021 - Sustainable Development

Botanical Garden Visit (guided) 13:00-15:00 Meet at flagpole Wolfson Gardeners
Is sustainable development possible in the Arctic? 16:00-17:00 online (Zoom) Marie Anne Coninsx
Daily Round Up: Refreshments in the Club Room 20:00-22:00 Club Room S&C Hub

Thurs 21 Oct 2021 - Human Rights, Policy and Law

POSTPONED: Legal Sustainability: The need to rethink Law holistically POSTPONED POSTPONED Markus P. Beham
RoundTable: Human Rights, Policy & Law
> Human rights: why a 'Just Transition' matters
> Making sure "green" supply chains are just
> Tackling Deforestation through Community Land Rights
> Towards a Global Pact for the Environment

> Roundtable Discussion

Watch the live-recorded event here.
16:00-18:30 Lee Hall/online Speakers
Elizabeth Wild
Josh Matthews
Natascha Kersting
Alice Adami
Global Pact
Helle Porsdam
Daily Round Up: Refreshments in the Club Room 20:00-22:00 Club Room S&C Hub

Fri 22 Oct 2021 - Urgency, Action, Ambition, Adaptation

Workshop: Coping with the Climate Crisis 10:30-12:30 Seminar Room The Cambridge Climate Therapists

Roundtable: Urgency, Action, Ambition, Adaption
> Wolfson College CO2e Review
> How nice should we be to the oil and gas industry?
> Decarbonising a Cambridge College
> Adaptation is as urgent as mitigation of climate change
> Improving building energy efficiency - where are we?
> Design thinking and cultivating a culture of adaptation

> Roundtable Discussion

Watch the live-recorded event here.
16:00-18:30 online + Gatsby Room Speakers
Stephen Hoath
Josh Matthews
Marie Anne Coninsx
Hui Ben
Golnar Malek
Helene Hoffman
Daily Round Up: Refreshments in the Club Room 20:00-22:00 Club Room S&C Hub

Sat 23 Oct 2021

Botanical Garden Visit (guided) 13:00-15:00 Meet at flapole Wolfson Gardeners
Litter Picking Wolfson Community Initiative 14:00-15:00 Meet at flagpole Green Society
POSTPONED: Design and Technology for Sustainable Development POSTPONED POSTPONED Iria Heitel
Green Week Dinner 19:00onwards Dining Hall S&C Hub
Daily Round Up: Refreshments in the Club Room End of Green Dinner onwards Club Room S&C Hub + Green Society

Sun 24 Oct 2021

Sustainable Coffee Tasting 16:00-18:00 Club Room WCSA Ents
Repair & Reuse Workshop 16:00-18:00 Club Room Green Society
Welfare Tea & Cake 16:00-18:00 KSJ or Combination Room WCSA Welfare
Green Film Night ("2040") 20:00-22:00 Lee Room S&C Hub + Green Society

Wolfson College is hosting a week of activities - COP26 at Wolfson - in the build up to the important United Nations COP26 Climate Conference, hosted in Glasgow, November 2021.

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Led by a working group of ~20 individuals, including current students, Fellows, staffexpert Wolfson alumni, and friends.


Text saying #COP26atWolfson 18-24 Oct, with logos of Wolfson College and S&C HubA flyer describing the days themes for COP26 at Wolfson


What's on

Professor Helle Porsdam

Humanities Society: Science as a Cultural Human Right

24/05/2022 at 17.45

Join Professor Helle Porsdam for an evening talk which focuses on the right to science – a little known but potentially powerful human right.

Ellie Bladon, PhD student in the Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge

Science Society: Parental care: an evolutionary case of “use it or lose it”

27/05/2022 at 17.45

Phenotypic plasticity enables animals to flexibly adjust their behaviour to their social environment – sometimes through the expression of adaptive traits that have not been exhibited for several generations. The ability to revive these ‘ghosts of adaptations past’ could prove beneficial for populations living in a changing world.

Decorative image.

Working on Your Dissertation

28/05/2022 at 10.00

This workshop will cover several aspects of formatting and proofreading a dissertation.

Kill or Cure poster

Art exhibition: 'Kill or Cure'

28/05/2022 at 10.00

Lethal or life-giving? Wolfson's exciting contemporary art exhibition explores the potential of animals, plants, and substances from the natural world to ‘Kill’ and/or ‘Cure’ (open to the public Saturday and Sundays, 10am - 5pm).

Daniel Phillips playing violin and Victor Wang playing Piano

Music Society Lunchtime Concert: Daniel Phillips & Victor Wang

28/05/2022 at 13.30

Join us live in the Lee Hall for an hour-long lunchtime concert of violin and piano, performed by Daniel Phillips and Victor Wang.