It is always best to connect to the Wolfson-WiFi-Start-Here network and see up-to-date information about WiFi options available at Wolfson. If any of your devices already have access to the Internet then you can also see the same page here.

How to connect to Wolfson-WiFi-Start-Here network

Scan for local WiFi networks and connect to the one called Wolfson-WiFi-Start-Here. No username or password required.

A pop-up window should automatically open. If that fails, start a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox etc. and go to the address https://www.wifi.wolfson.cam.ac.uk

You should see the following page, which shows two categories. Please select an appropriate category.


After clicking on the visitors' category you will see the following option page.

  1. Google Authentication
  2. Facebook Authentication
  3. SMS Authentication
  4. Paper Ticket/UniOfCam (via WiFi ticket from Porters’ Lodge)

Visitors' Options

Google and Facebook Authentication

Installation: Fairly easy and quick. Needs a Google or Facebook account.

Suitable for: Visitors

Procedure: Login to Google or Facebook then agree to conditions. Following that your device will be connected with the Internet.

SMS Authentication

Installation: Easy and quick. Needs a working mobile phone. Requires new key every 30 days.

Suitable for: Visitors

Procedure: Enter your name, select the country where your mobile phone is registered, and enter the mobile number.

Click on the “Get Key” button. Soon you will receive a text message with the WiFi key. This key will give you access for 30 days.

You should receive a text message like this. Scan for networks again and connect this time to the WolfsonCollege network. When it asks for a key, enter the 8-digit number provided. This will last for 30 days.


UniOfCam/Paper Ticket from Porters’ Lodge

Installation: Easy, needs a ticket from the Porters

Suitable for: Anyone who cannot use any of the above methods or specifically needs access to the UniOfCam network.

Procedure: Pick up a WiFi ticket from the Porters’ Lodge and enter ticket number and password from the ticket on to the UniofCam option page.


Students and other Members Options


Ease of Installation: Reasonably in depth, but once installed it should work throughout the University and in other academic institutions. If you have it installed from another institution, it should work here too.

Audience: Students and members with Raven Passwords. Not suitable for visitors.

Eduroam lets you access the Internet from the College and throughout the University.

Details on setting up Eduroam are available from the Wolfson-WiFi-Start-Here login page below.


Personal WiFi Key

Installation: Easy and quick. Needs a Raven account for the first time.

Audience: Suitable for students and members with Raven accounts.
This works similarly to a home WiFi router. It is designed especially for devices that cannot connect to eduroam, such as printers, game consoles, NAS boxes.


Visit this page to get a code

Login via Raven and accept conditions

You will be given a unique personal code that you can use to access the WolfsonCollege WiFi network

Access Via Raven

Installation: Easy and quick. Needs a Raven Account

Audience: Suitable for students and members with Raven Accounts.

Procedure: Click on the Raven option button. You will be forwarded to the Raven authentication page. After successful authentication accept terms and condition and your device will be connected with the Internet straightaway.