IT support


Slides from the IT Facilities at Wolfson talk (PDF)

Slides from the Computer and Data Security talk (PDF)

Computer helpdesk and enquiries

Contact details of the Wolfson IT office are given on the Computing Facilities Contact page.

University Information Services also operate a service desk.

Reporting a problem

When reporting a problem with a public workstation, please provide

  • a description of what you were trying to do and what went wrong
  • the station name (see label)
  • the exact date and time of when you observed the problem

When asking for help with your own computer or an in-room network connection, please always include at least the following information:

  • What exact operating system version are you using?
    If you don’t know, and it may be some form of Microsoft Windows, then go to the taskbar at the bottom of your screen, click Start, and then click Run. In the Run dialog box, type winver, then click OK. A dialog box will then display the version that you are running. Under Unix/Linux type uname;cat /etc/issue.
  • Your room and phone number if you have one?
  • What you were trying to do and what went wrong?
  • Exact quotes of any error messages that you got would be most helpful.
  • The anti-virus, firewall or spyware-removal tools you use and how up-to-date they are?


There are two laser printers in the Gordon Johnson Computer Room and one in the Club Room. They are part of the Managed Cluster Service and can only be used via your Desktop Service (DS) login. Further details about MCS printing and costs are available here.

Network connections for your computer in your own room

To use the Wolfson College Computing Network with your own computer via the socket in your room, you need to apply for a room connection. Follow the instructions here.

Never use an IP address on the Wolfson network that was not assigned to you by the IT Department.

More information on how to configure your computer for various network services such as email, network time synchronization, etc. can be found in Computing Service Leaflet IS5.

Computers connected to the Wolfson network are, at IP level, directly connected to a router of the Cambridge University Data Network. The Computing Service blocks certain ports between Wolfson and the CUDN and some additional ones also between the CUDN and the rest of the world, for security reasons.

Important information

Please read the following pages carefully: