Gordon Johnson Computer Room

The Lee Library building houses a large computer room on the ground floor with modern PCs (running both Windows and Linux), which are integrated with the MCS (University’s Managed Cluster Service), open 24/7, with automatic file backup.

You need a Desktop Services (DS) account to use these computers which is arranged by the Tutorial Office for students and by the College Registrar for other members. Only current members are eligible to use the computer room. This facility is not available to non-members, visitors and former students.

These computers are ideal for word processing and accessing email and the Internet. They also give access to some course-specific specialist software. In the Lee Library itself there is a computer for the library catalogue and Internet searches.

Other public-access terminals

There are two public terminals in the Lee Room (First Floor, Jack King Building) which give quick and easy access to email. Lee room also has one MCS terminal and a large printer for students.