IT facilities at Wolfson

Wolfson has excellent IT provision and aims to give students access to a range of tools essential for University life.

Getting Started

Please refer to Computing facilities @ Wolfson: a guide to getting started for new students and visitors.

Slides from the IT Facilities at Wolfson talk (PDF)

Slides from the Computer and Data Security talk (PDF)

IT Matters leaflets are issued by University Information Services and describe the computing facilities available to you at Cambridge:

Internet access from residential rooms

All accommodation at Wolfson is wired for high-speed Internet access. Students can bring their own computers and plug them in to the College network. More information is available on the Room Connection page.

Gordon Johnson Computer Room

The Lee Library building houses a large computer room on the ground floor with modern PCs (running both Windows and Linux), which are integrated with the University’s Managed Cluster Service (MCS), open 24/7, with automatic file backup. More information is available on the Computer Room page.

More information is available for local users on