Why choose Wolfson College?


We think Wolfson is the best College for 21+ students, and below are some reasons why, compiled with the help of a student focus group.  (For information on the College system, there is a helpful video on this University webpage, from the perspective of a graduate student:  The Colleges)

Who we are

  • We are culturally very diverse; we have students from over 90 different countries, ranging in age from 21 to their 70s. The average age is around 25. We are family friendly and children are very welcome in College
  • We are egalitarian.  Unlike other colleges, there is no ‘high table’ where Fellows eat separately, and no separate common rooms for Fellows or for graduate or undergraduate students.  Graduate students are an integral part of our community
  • The community here is close-knit, friendly and welcoming

Where we are

  • We offer an environment where you can have peace and quiet to work – but also where there is plenty going on socially from chocolate-tasting to the Howler (our comedy night)
  • We are a short cycle or walk to the city centre.  The College is located in a quiet neighbourhood near the picturesque Newnham area where there are grocery shops, a post office, pharmacy, butcher, baker, hairdresser, pub and church.  We are very close to the beautiful Grantchester Meadows where you can picnic by the river


  • We can almost always accommodate undergraduates for the duration of your course
  • We have flexible letting periods, as short as 26 weeks (9+9+8 weeks), with only 4 weeks’ notice of moving out required
  • We have some of the lowest-priced rooms in Cambridge, with a range of 4 prices for a single room.  The rent is all-inclusive: there are no extra charges for electricity, gas, water, IT, insurance or cleaning


  • The basketball/tennis court, table tennis tables, rooms for socialising or holding events are all on the College site and free
  • We have one of the best College gyms in the whole University, including a dedicated weights room, on site and completely free to Wolfson students


  • Every student can apply for up to £400 to help with costs related to their course (eg conferences and travel)
  • We have a Hardship Fund to help with unforeseen financial difficulties
  • If you are an undergraduate student from overseas, an affiliated student or a Home/EU undergraduate student ineligible for tuition fee support, College fees can vary enormously and Wolfson charges one of the lowest undergraduate fees
  • Wolfson College Students Association (WCSA) membership charge is currently just £15 a year to all students


  • The dining hall is open for three meals a day, seven days per week
  • There is no Minimal Meals Charge as other colleges have - you only pay for the meals you eat