Part-Time Students

Informal study space

Wolfson College actively welcomes part-time students; there are 287 part-time student members on a variety of MSt and MEd programmes. An additional 38 students are currently undertaking part-time PhD and EdD research degrees.

Our tradition of taking a significant number of students from a variety of part-time programmes provides a congenial environment in which to meet other students, both part-time and full-time, during periods in residence. The breadth of our inclusive atmosphere, with no divisions between senior and junior members, is further extended by the presence of people from journalism, industry and the public services all of whom come to Wolfson for short periods of research or study.

As members of the College our part-time students have the opportunity to benefit fully from the intellectual and social experiences of Cambridge life.

Our current part-time students are studying for the following degrees:

MSt Programmes

The MSt degree is designed as a two-year part-time course and is awarded on the basis of attendance at a specified number of course sessions and an examination which consists of a thesis, practical tests and essays as appropriate. The following courses are offered at Wolfson:

  • MSt Applied Criminology and Police Management
  • MSt Building History
  • MSt Creative Writing
  • Mst Entrepreneurship
  • MSt Genomic Medicine
  • MSt History
  • MSt Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment
  • MSt International Relations
  • MSt Real Estate
  • MSt Sustainability Leadership

Overview of the current Master of Studies (MSt) degrees offered by the University of Cambridge

Executive MBA (at Cambridge Judge Business School)

This is a two-year part-time intense programme, details can be found here.

Master of Accountancy (at Cambridge Judge Business School)

This is a two-year part-time intense programme, details can be found here here.

MEd Programme

Information about this programme is available from the Faculty of Education

Part-time Research Degrees

Details of courses, qualifications and application procedures are given in the University of Cambridge Course Directory.

Wolfson College is experienced at recognising the levels of support required when dealing with issues specific to part-time postgraduate students from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. There is a College Tutor whose role is dedicated to part-time students and who is responsible for the pastoral and welfare support of these students throughout their studies. There are also student welfare officers who have been fully trained to provide peer support.

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