A strong social focus

Garden Party

  • Provision of a student association (typically the Middle Common Room or MCR) run by students but with support from the College.

    More information on the Wolfson student body, WCSA, is available from its website. Note that there are no status distinctions at Wolfson between different types of students – all are members of the same body.

  • Provision, typically through the College’s MCR, of opportunities to run and participate in seminars, etc.

    See academic support above: some seminars are run directly by students, others by Fellows, Senior Members or a combination of all three.

  • Provision of opportunities for standing for election to the MCR and/or other representative bodies.
  • Provision of suitable facilities for students’ social and recreational activities (e.g. sports, music, etc.).

    Full details are set out on the WCSA web page. In addition to the usual range of sporting and cultural activities, two particularly popular features of current Wolfson life are the weekly salsa dancing evenings and the contemporary reading group.