Accommodation and Catering

Student room


Wolfson is the only College in Cambridge to offer three years of accommodation to postgraduates on the main College site.
Accommodation at Wolfson is diversified, with some units available for families and for people with special physical needs. Rents are either on a termly or period licence.
Prices are inclusive of electricity, gas, water, computer network access, insurance, cleaning and some consumables, with no hidden extras.
Please visit the Accommodation page for more information.


The Wolfson cafeteria provides meals seven days a week throughout the year. The kitchens close only for two weeks in August, and for ten days at Christmas. Hot and cold foods are served three times a day on weekdays (Monday-Friday) and once at weekends (brunch on Saturdays and lunch on Sundays).
Prices are reasonable, and, as there is no Kitchen Fixed Charge (charged in some other colleges), you only pay for what you eat!
Please visit the Catering page for more information.