Press Fellows 2011

Professor John Naughton, Director of the Wolfson Press Fellowship Programme, profiles the four journalists who joined the College as Press Fellows for the Easter Term 2011.

Wolfson Press Fellows, Easter Term 2011

Pamela Stirling

Pamela Stirling is the Editor of The Listener, New Zealand's leading serious weekly. She came to Wolfson to research an increasingly urgent problem for media organisations everywhere, namely how to support serious journalism in a digital age. As print circulation declines in many, although not all, areas of the world, where are the business models that will support responsible investigative journalism?

While she was at Wolfson, Pamela won the 'Editor of the Year' award in the New Zealand Magazine Awards.

Daniel Nonor

Daniel Nonor is from Ghana, a country that stands on the brink of wealth from exploiting its fossil fuel and mineral resources. His project was about finding ways of ensuring that the resulting wealth will be deployed for socially-useful ends.

Cristiane Prizibisczki

Cristiane Prizibisczki is an award-winning environmental journalist from Brazil. Her project was about a relatively undiscussed aspect of climate change, namely the environmental impact of rapidly-increasing urbanisation.

Eniko Kertesz

Eniko Kertesz is a television reporter from Hungary. She came to Wolfson to research the contributions that the Western (and particularly British) media made in the so-called 'Velvet Revolution' in Hungary and the overthrow of the Romanian government in the late 1980s.