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Wolfson’s alumni and friends provide much-needed support through advocacy, advice, mentoring and internships and by making donations in support of students, to improve College life and increase our endowment funding.

During the recent 50th Anniversary Campaign, over 1200 individuals or organisations gave a gift; almost 50% were international. The value of our endowments increased from £9M to over £25M and last year your donations meant that £472,000 was distributed to over 200 students.

Our aim is to fund every student in need and to provide the best College facilities, teaching and research talent.

Your support means we can attract the brightest minds, helping them to thrive and achieve their full potential.

Your donation really does make a difference to the world.

UK donors: Make a regular gift via Direct Debit / Make a single gift via Direct Debit  

To make a gift by credit or debit card please call us on +44 1223 762546.

Non-UK donors

Please contact us on +44 1223 762546 or 
or use one of the following links:

Gifts from the USA    Gifts from Canada    Gifts from Europe

Information about Gift Aid for UK tax payers
If you are a UK taxpayer, Gift Aid is a scheme whereby you can give a sum of money to the College (a registered Charity) and the College can then reclaim from HM Revenue & Customs basic-rate tax on your gift. You can make payments by cash, cheque, Direct Debit or standing order, and even in a foreign currency. You can give any amount, regularly or one-off, and, provided you have told us you are a taxpayer, the College can reclaim the tax. Please tick the relevant box when you make your gift online or complete the Gift Aid declaration below. One declaration covers as many gifts in any period as you wish to make.

Example: If you give £100 using Gift Aid your donation is worth £125 to the College.

If you pay tax at a higher rate, you can reclaim relief on the difference between the basic rate and higher rate of tax on your Self Assessment tax return form. If you do not pay sufficient Income Tax to cover the amount the College (and any other Charities you give to) can reclaim, you should not use Gift Aid.

Please download the Donation and Gift Aid Form here.

Other ways to support Wolfson

Gifts of shares and securities
Giving via the Charities Aid Foundation
Leaving a legacy to Wolfson
Amazon- help Wolfson while you shop

Gifts of shares and securities

You can get Income Tax relief for gifts to the College of certain shares and securities. Additionally, you are not liable to Capital Gains Tax when you make gifts of shares to the College, even if the shares are worth more when you donate them than when you acquired them. Please contact the Development Director if you wish to discuss this option.
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Giving via the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF)

Single gifts of any amount can be made by Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) voucher or online via their website. Please make all CAF vouchers payable to ‘Wolfson College’ and send them to the Development Director. The College receives no extra tax benefit from gifts made by cheque or CAF voucher.
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Leaving a legacy to Wolfson College

The College established The Morrison Society in 2008, for all members who make a commitment to leave a legacy to Wolfson in their Will.
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Gifts by US taxpayers

If you are resident in the USA, you can make a tax-efficient gift to Cambridge in America (CAm). Simply send your check, made payable to ‘Cambridge in America’, to:

Cambridge in America, 1120 Avenue of the Americas, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10036, USA

and suggest that the Directors of Cambridge in America exercise their discretion and allocate your gift to support Wolfson College. Cambridge in America can also take donations by credit card online. Grants from CAm to Wolfson College may be made for general College purposes, or may be directed to support a particular area of College life, such as student scholarships. If you wish to support a particular area, you should indicate your preference when sending your gift to CAm.
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Gifts by Canadian taxpayers

Canadian taxpayers can make tax-efficient gifts directly to Wolfson College. In order to make a gift:

  • please complete the Donation Form and send it, together with your UK cheque or International Money Order, made payable to 'Wolfson College', to the Development & Alumni Relations Office, Wolfson College, Cambridge CB3 9BB, UK.
  • A receipt acceptable to the Canadian tax authorities will then be issued by Cambridge University and forwarded to you by Wolfson College.
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Gifts by European taxpayers

It is possible to give tax efficiently through Transnational Giving Europe from the following European Countries:

Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Republic of Ireland, Switzerland, The Netherlands

This scheme is run by the Charities Aid Foundation and its partner organisations. It enables alumni and organisations to make a gift to Wolfson College and receive all applicable tax benefits in the country where they pay tax. To make a gift and claim tax relief, please contact your national foundation and explain you wish to make a gift to Wolfson College Cambridge. It would also be helpful if you could contact the Development & Alumni Relations Office to ensure that we have all the necessary paperwork in order.
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Wolfson College Cambridge is a registered Charity, number 1138143


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