Mary Hesse

Leaving a Legacy

The Morrison Society

Mary Hesse

Mary Hesse, one of our first Fellows back in 1965, generously remembered Wolfson in her Will by leaving a significant legacy to the College. This generous gift will support Arts and Humanities PhD students in perpetuity. Your legacy could make a difference too. 

A bequest is one of the most meaningful gifts that you can give. Through a legacy you can make a direct and enduring contribution to the future of Wolfson College and, in certain cases, the bequest could bear your name or that of a relative.

There is an opportunity to make a real difference, even for those with current financial commitments and future financial responsibilities. A legacy will be of lasting benefit to the College, while allowing you to plan for your family’s financial security. In addition, any legacy left to Wolfson College can reduce the inheritance tax liability on your estate, and Wolfson’s charitable status means that the value of your legacy gift is received in full by the College.

The most valuable way to further the College’s long-term aims is through a legacy for the General Endowment. Such unrestricted gifts provide Wolfson with the greatest possible level of flexibility in investing for the future, allowing us to plan for the ongoing development of the College.

By including a legacy to Wolfson in your Will, and thereby becoming a member of the Morrison Society, you will help to ensure that future generations will benefit from the exceptional experience of Wolfson College.

If you would like to make a legacy pledge, please fill in our online pledge form. For assistance in making a gift, or to discuss leaving a legacy, email our Development Officer -