Charlie Barty-King in his room

Accommodation Guidelines

Living at Wolfson means living as part of a community showing mutual respect and consideration for your neighbours.

Charlie Barty-King in his room

The following are some guidelines towards successful communal living but please also see the Guide to Student Accommodation for more information.


Students are expected to behave with consideration towards others and not create undue noise. This means being particularly careful not to disturb other residents by, for example, the playing of music or talking loudly in communal areas after 22.00. Music must not be audible in other students' rooms.

If you are affected by noise, please contact the Porters' Lodge in the first instance. If they establish that there is a disturbance, those responsible will be asked to stop. In the event of persistent disturbances, the Porter will refer the individual concerned to the Senior Tutor. Noise can cause enormous distress to those affected by it, and persistent offenders may find themselves in breach of their room licence and thus asked to find accommodation outside College.


Students are allowed to have guests overnight in their room for no more than three nights in seven up to a maximum of ten nights in any one month. The Porters' Lodge must be informed of any overnight guests for fire safety purposes (see the section on Fire in Safety and Security). Students are able to book guest rooms where availability allows. The Chancellor's Centre has double en-suite rooms which are available all year around whilst single student rooms are often available outside of term. If you would like to book, please contact the Accommodation Manager with the type of room, arrival date, actual departure date and name/s of guests.


Smoking is only permitted in three designated areas within the College grounds; it is not permitted anywhere else, inside or out.


No pets are allowed in Wolfson; the only exception is Guide Dogs for the blind.


If you watch or record any live TV on any channel then you must have your own TV Licence. This includes downloading or watching BBC programmes on demand including catch-up TV on iPlayer. Checks are made from time to time by the licensing authority. Apply for (or renew) your TV Licence online.


Please look after your room and its equipment carefully. If repairs or replacements are needed, please inform the Maintenance department using the online maintenance request form for which you will need your Raven password. If you bring your own electrical equipment you should ensure it is safe to use with a Portable Appliance Test (PAT) if it is not new. Any adaptors must conform to current UK standards as non-UK standard ones may pose fire risks.


The College recognises that many students fail to take out adequate insurance for their personal possessions. The College has, therefore, taken out an insurance policy on behalf of, and for the benefit of, those Wolfson students who rent a room in College. Details of the policy are given in Appendix C of the Guide to Student Accommodation. You should look at this carefully, and decide if the level of insurance cover is suitable for your needs. You have the option to to increase the level of cover on, for example, your laptop, computer or bicycle.

Importantly, don't forget to confirm your cover once you have arrived.