Wolfson welcomes nine new Fellows

Wolfson College is delighted to welcome nine new Fellows.

Wolfson welcomes eight new Fellows to the College

The new Fellows – admitted to the College this month – include Junior Research Fellows (JRF) in International Relations, History & Philosophy of Science, and Criminology, a University Lecturer in Korean Studies, an Associate Professor in Social Anthropology, as well as College Teaching Officers in Law and English and a new Admissions Tutor.

Meet our new Fellows

Dr Nuri Kim

Dr Kim teaches Korean history at the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. He is interested in historical memory, religious history, and the history of knowledge in early modern and modern times. In his ongoing research, he looks at the creation of alternative knowledge regimes and the competition over epistemological authority between academia and various other social forces in modern Korea.

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Dr Andrew Sanchez

Dr Sanchez is an Associate Professor in the Department of Social Anthropology. Prior to joining the University of Cambridge in 2016, he held teaching and research positions at the London School of Economics and Political Science, the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, and the University of Kent. He is currently writing an ethnographic study of the Indian scrap metal industry, which addresses key conceptual debates in the anthropology of value and exchange.

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Dr Rong Wu (JRF)

Rong is a historian of modern China. Her research looks at how global developments forged the modern Chinese state. In particular, she is interested in the studies of war, revolution, constitution-making and international relations of early Republican China. She is member of the Association for Asian Studies, the British Association for Chinese Studies and the Royal Asiatic Society.

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Dr Sebestian Kroupa (JRF)

Dr Kroupa is a historian of the early modern life sciences and medicine in global contexts. His current project, funded jointly by the Leverhulme and the Isaac Newton Trust, investigates early modern exchanges of plant knowledge and practice between Asia and America. Dr Kroupa has published on indigenous tattooing in the Philippines, long-distance networks of knowledge exchange and Renaissance geography, and co-edited a special issue of the British Journal for the History of Science on science and islands in Indo-Pacific worlds.

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Dr Naosuke Mukoyama (JRF)

Dr Mukoyama is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Politics and International Studies specializing in international relations and comparative politics. Dr Mukoyama examines questions regarding state formation, politics of natural resources, territory and borders, and colonial legacies from historical and comparative perspectives. His primary regional focus is the Middle East and East/Southeast Asia.

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Dr Alexandra ‘Ali’ Wigzell (JRF)

Dr Wigzell is a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at the Institute of Criminology. Her research focuses on the emotional and ethical dimensions of youth justice intervention, with a particular interest in the place and effects of ‘professional love’ in such contexts. Dr Wigzell’s current research project examines the contours of care and its ethical dimensions in the youth justice (child–worker) professional relationship, through an ethnographic and participatory approach.

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Dr Dunstan Roberts

Dr Roberts is Director of Studies and College Teaching Officer in English. His teaching is particularly concerned with the material processes by which texts were created, modified, disseminated, and received. His research examines the social and intellectual history of books during the early modern period. Its aim is to broaden our knowledge of what books people owned, what books they read, and how they read them.  

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Dr Noel Rutter

As Undergraduate Admissions Tutor, Dr Rutter oversees the recruitment and admission of undergraduate students to the College. He also directs studies in Engineering and Natural Sciences. Dr Rutter’s research has spanned technical and educational spheres. He has an interest in the fabrication and characterisation of superconducting materials, and on the educational front is interested in curriculum development and innovative educational approaches.

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Dr Liron Shmilovits

Dr Shmilovits is the College Teaching Officer and Director of Studies in Law. His research interests lie in private law – primarily contract, torts and legal fictions. His doctoral thesis explored legal fictions in private law and proposed an acceptance test for fictions. Among other topics, Dr Shmilovits has written about the declaratory fiction of judge-made law, the illegality defence in tort, the tort of harassment and no-oral-modification clauses in contract.

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