Wolfson student wins King's 2022 Entrepreneurship Prize

Team Correcto. Image by Adam Motloch

Wolfson Business & Management student, Abraham López Lee - alongside Michaela Kadlecová and Adam Motloch from King’s College - has won the 2022 King’s Entrepreneurship Prize.

Team Correcto. Image by Adam Motloch

Abraham and the team picked up a £20,000 prize to further their winning project, Correcto: ‘the first intelligent writing assistant in Spanish’.

Correcto is a writing tool which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to assist with spelling and grammar in the Spanish language. The software is being developed to work as an integrated keyboard on smartphones and it is hoped that the tool will enhance the employment prospects of those from Latin American countries with lower rates of literacy.

The Correcto team say they are “on a mission to help people and companies communicate more effectively and inclusively. According to The Economist, people in office jobs spend on average 20 minutes correcting typos every work day (equal to 180.5 days per year over one's career). We are working hard on changing this so that people can focus on more meaningful and enjoyable tasks.”

You can find out more on the King’s College website.

Image courtesy of Adam Motloch.