Wolfson Green goes for Gold

by Fiona Gilsenan

Congratulations to the Wolfson Green Impact team for their work to reduce environmental impacts at the College. Their efforts were rewarded with a Green Impact Gold award for the second year. The award was presented by Vice-Chancellor Stephen Toope to the College's Domestic Bursar, Alan Fuller, at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences.

Vice-Chancellor Stephen Toope and winners of the Green Impact Awards

The Green Impact Awards are given to colleges and departments that introduce and maintain a variety of green initiatives across the board, from sustainable gardening practices to recycling to reducing energy use. In granting the award, Maribel Calvo, Environmental Coordinator for the University of Cambridge, said that the judges were “very impressed with Wolfson's general outlook on sustainability and all actions. Despite having a difficult year they have continued to do almost all the major actions and they are clearly committed to continuing at their gold standard.” The Committee also emphasised our solar panels and LED lighting.

In all 46 awards were given across the University and Colleges for their efforts to improve environmental performance. If you are interested in green issues around the university, subscribe to the Greenlines e-newsletter or follow the Environment and Energy section on Twitter @CambridgeSust.