Welcomes and farewells to Wolfson students

"While we would naturally wish to be able to celebrate Fresher’s week and Matriculation under different circumstances, it is heart-warming to see people bend over backwards to welcome us in the best way possible. Thanks to all of you, Wolfson already feels like a second home." 

Matriculation Lee Hall

Celebrating and welcoming students in times of social distancing

As President Jane Clarke describes in her start-of-term update, social distancing means that graduation and matriculation ceremonies at Wolfson look very different this year.Sam Langley, Tutorial Administrator

But our Tutorial Team, in particular Sam Langley (Tutorial Administrator), have been working hard to bring the same sense of occasion to these important events. Sam joined us at the beginning of 2020, and a large part of his job is organising graduation and matriculation ceremonies, so he has had a unique start to his time at Wolfson!

In his own words; 

"One of the most striking sights for anyone in Cambridge city centre during graduation days is that of graduands in full academic dress, processing from their Colleges to the Senate-House to have their degrees awarded at a ceremony conducted in Latin. Since I joined the Tutorial Office team at the end of January there has only been one in-person ceremony, in February, with degrees at subsequent ceremonies being awarded in-absentia because of the changes brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 might have been the catalyst for more flexibility; we now have Zoom and Microsoft Teams, which have been used to great effect, especially in welcoming new students at virtual matriculation ceremonies, but not intended to replace the University`s centuries old practices on a permanent basis. Whilst a degree cannot be awarded twice, all those who have graduated in-absentia at ceremonies affected by COVID-19 will have the chance to return to celebrate at an alternative ceremony in the Senate-House. I, for one, hope to see many of Wolfson`s graduates in-person at such ceremonies, sooner rather than later, even if, in addition to academic bands, they are required to wear academic face coverings."

What's on

mother and daughter with gas masks

Humanities Society - "Objects, Bodies, and Emotions: How the Gas Mask Can Help Us Tell the History of Total War"

11/05/2021 at 18.00

The Humanities Society organises regular talks during term time. During Easter term 2021, all talks take place as zoom webinars, make sure to register.

Adeel Khan

Green Society - How to use the power of social media for good?

13/05/2021 at 18.00

The Green Society organises regular talks during term time. During Easter term 2021, all talks take place as zoom webinars, make sure to register.

Group of people sitting round a table, some of the using computers and wearing headsets

Peer Review Workshop

13/05/2021 at 19.00

Do you have an idea that you would like feedback on? Perhaps you would like to see if an argument you are writing is clear or makes sense? Maybe you would like to see if the data you are presenting in your paper flows well with your surrounding text?

group of women

Beyond Borders: Women's Movements Around the World

14/05/2021 at 16.00

The Interdisciplinary Research Hub on Gender is hosting a collaborative event featuring academics and activists to give voice to feminist movements outside the Euro-American world.

Jazmin Scarlett

Science Society - The keys to the past: a mixed-methods approach to reconstructing the 1812 eruption of La Soufrière St. Vincent

14/05/2021 at 18.00

The Science Society organises regular talks during term time. Throughout this term, all talks take place as zoom meetings, make sure to register.